10 Important Brand Marketing Housekeeping Tasks

TOP 10 online marketing improvement tasks that ensures a high return for your advertising investment!

Each year, it is critical that you take the time to review and update your marketing and sales campaigns to ensure they keep delivering a high return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Our online marketing specialists have put together these simple but VERY effective improvement tasks that can make a real difference to your business marketing and sales results.

As online shopping continues to grow, those businesses who invest in their website marketing, eCommerce, and their digital brand marketing will continue to grow and capture a larger portion of the online shopping market.

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Use our TOP 10 brand housekeeping tasks to boost your brand loyalty, improve your online marketing results, and grow your sales.

10 Important Brand Marketing Housekeeping Tasks

Refresh your Brand Message:

Take some time to review your company profile and brand message.
Your brand message is one of the first things that a prospect reads about you, so it’s essential that its right!

Think about your industry, and what has changed over the last few years?
Consider your competitors and how they are marketing their business (pros and cons).

Now might be a good time to re-position your brand message and value proposition to ensure that you aren’t missing new customer opportunities.

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Refresh your Brand Identity:

Perhaps starting the New Year with an update to your brand identity could be a great way to kick-start your business marketing?

Why not review your logo, colours and corporate style?
Perhaps introduce a new slogan or tagline?
Maybe change up your images and graphics?

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Refresh your Website:

Research shows that the majority of small businesses fail to keep their website content and branding updated. 

If you want to retain a good ranking on Google PLUS keep your customers interested, it’s essential that you are continually updating the pages on your website.

Update your brand message and company profile
Review and of your current offers
Update blogs and page hyperlinks
Refresh your images
Update any copyright dates on your page footer
Review and update SEO items such as keywords and search phrases.

If you have time, perhaps look at changing the design of your website to improve the digital customer experience and journey.

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Update your Facebook Business Page:

Now that you’ve updated your brand message and company profile, make sure it has been published on your Facebook Business Profile.  While you are there, review and edit any of the education, work history, contact details etc.

Review your Facebook Messenger settings and automated responders
Review you Facebook Shop and Services offers
Review your page settings and configuration.

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Update your Google Business Profile:

Don’t forget to update your brand message and company profile on your Google Business Profile. Take the time to check the hours of operation, contact details as well as other fields.

Respond to any Google reviews
Update any Google shop offers
Update your Google posts/articles
Review your page settings and configuration.

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Review your Sales Offer:

Has your value proposition changed?

Why not do a bit of competitive analysis?
Research the types of products/solutions that are being purchased by customers like yours?
It might also be a great idea to start sourcing complementary products that will extend the value proposition and start new conversations with your clients.

Check your competitor’s prices and offers
Create new bundled offers or solutions
Promote some use-case examples
Re-position your product descriptions and value proposition.

Extend your sales reach using Facebook and Google Shop or perhaps list your products on marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon?

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Refresh your Digital Marketing Campaigns:

Its probably a good idea to update your digital marketing campaigns and paid adverts.

Online marketing trends change quickly!
Learn how to create digital customer experiences that take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level. Get this right and you’ll see a far greater return on your marketing investment.

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Update your Email Marketing Campaigns:

It’s probably time that you gave your email marketing a bit of a brand refresh. Why not try using some new template designs and also updating images?

Go back through your email campaign reports and review what worked well.

Try introducing a regular newsletter or perhaps a cast study example to your templates.

More importantly, ensure that your email database is up to date by adding and removing contacts.

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Plan out your Marketing & Sales Objectives:

Use the summer holidays to jot down some of your company marketing and sales goals that you’d like to achieve.

We would suggest that you choose goals that are more easily achieved and will enable the team to have themsevles some quick wins (boosts enthusiasm).

Plan out your new products and services and their target market
Create a draft brand message and value statement
Think about the types of marketing campaigns to support the launch
Design quality sales engagement campaigns that will inspire your sales team
Create an internal and also external communication brief.

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Engage a Marketing Mentor:

The way shoppers research and make purchases changes each year.

Its difficult to stay across the ever-changing online marketing trends to ensure your marketing is ‘on trend’… What works one year may not necessarily work the next.

Book in for some training, coaching or mentoring.

Refresh your team’s marketing and sales skills to help you have knowledgable conversations with marketing professionals that will ensure the correct marketing strategy and tactics that suit your business (and budget).

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