How to Boost your eMail Marketing

10 ways to BOOST your MailChimp eMail Marketing

Want to get better results from your email marketing?
Learn the 10 ways you can BOOST your MailChimp email campaign results.

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools, but many companies forget some simple tips and tricks that will absolutely BOOST your results.

Research shows that more than 34% of the people worldwide use email every single day, this equates to around 2.6 billion email users over the coming years.

More than half of this email traffic is business-related.

Email marketing using systems like MailChimp can be a vibrant and powerful way to connect people with brands and relevant information. Email marketing is an effective and also a personal way of reaching your target customers.

Best of all, technology today allows you to personalise your message in far greater ways AND automate audience interactions using workflow functionality based on the recipient’s actions, e.g. if they click something in the email, the system can automate a task such as sending them a second piece of relevant content.

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) or Email Marketing is fast, effective, measurable, and mostly FREE.

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10 ways to BOOST your MailChimp email results

Choose the best subject Lines
Understand your list and how they will open your email (desktop or mobile). Knowing that the majority will open via a mobile device, it’s crucial to use MailChimp’s Preview and Test tool (A/B Testing) to see if your email is best optimised for mobile devices.

Personalise the ‘from’
You will get better open results by using a real person name and email address rather than a company name and a [email protected].

Choose a great image
Take the time to choose a great image but also make sure the same image is used on any website landing page. You don’t want traffic doing a double-take thinking they are lost.

Preview and test (for mobile)
We already agreed that the majority of your subscribers would open your emails on a mobile or tablet. Users who view an email that isn’t optimised for mobile will not take action on your emails and have a higher probability of unsubscribing and ignoring your emails in the future. Test with the MailChimp Preview and Test tool for mobile devices.

Resending Campaigns
One of our BEST tricks is to resend the same campaign a few days later but using criteria of “send only to people who did not open the original email” We sometimes tweak the subject and header to ensure we get maximum results to the same audience.

Email Scheduling
If you have limited resources, the MailChimp Automation allows you to publish timely, relevant information to your customers with a Plan, Set, and then Forget approach. Set-up one-months worth of campaigns and let them publish automatically.

Utilise the MailChimp Send Time Optimisation function
MailChimp has some great functionality and algorithms which can analyse your list activity history to see when they’re typically the most engaged in your campaigns. MailChimp then optimises the sending times based upon these results.

Workflow Automation [Their best feature]
MailChimp workflow functionality can be based on a range of functions in the system, date and time, recipient’s actions etc. This allows the system to automate tasks based on criteria, e.g. if a subscriber clicks something in the email, the system can automate a task such as sending them a second piece of relevant content.

Results reporting and analysis
By analysing your reports, you’re able to see the effectiveness of campaigns. You’ll be able to see how many opens, how many clicks, the subscriber with the most activity and even what they clicked on.
USE THIS DATA: Get your sales staff to follow-up with subscribers who are highly responsive in campaigns.

Have a quality email list
Using old and outdated email addresses can result in being penalised from your email marketing software. Use quality email lists AND segment or categorise these carefully. Sending relevant content to segments will increase your open and click rates.

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