Creating Unforgettable Digital Brand Experience for your Customers.

Connect with shoppers using unforgettable digital brand experiences which result in higher customer satisfaction rates, greater customer engagement and brand loyalty.

With more than 80% of the Australian internet population accessing social media sites, and 1/3 of these doing so five times a day, the future digital landscape presents an enormous opportunity for brand marketers to engage and interact with consumers.

As the Internet becomes more entwined with everything we do, the more digitally savvy marketers have stepped up their game due to the pressure to implement eCommerce and omnichannel programs. 

74% of senior executives believe that memorable brand experiences impact the willingness of a customer to purchase and remain a loyal advocate.

By creating a quality brand experience, you will connect with your audience on an emotional level. By doing this, you move the interaction with your shopper away from a ‘price driven’ transaction to a ‘brand value’ relationship.

Do this well, and you will close the gap between a brand promise and reality that will deliver an unprecedented level of brand loyalty and customer retention.

If you really want to differentiate your brand from your competitors and create truly outstanding brand experiences, it’s not just the tools or the content; it’s also the brand engagement strategy and tactics which bring everything together to make it a successful brand experience…

We call this unconventional marketing!

Creating Buyer Focused Brand Experience Campaigns!

Unconventional Marketing is quickly becoming the ‘new normal’ for brand marketers who seek to create unique and memorable digital brand experiences that deliver brand loyalty and customer retention.

Whether it’s a simple sales lead generation campaign or a new product launch, there is a bunch of ways that you can use digital technology to turn a traditional marketing campaign into a truly outstanding and memorable brand experience that unites the brand with the customer.

Brand Experiences using Unconventional Marketing

rev™ Branding is a specialist brand agency that has helped some of the world’s leading brands to integrate digital technology with their marketing to drive offline AND online sales.

Over the last 20-years, we’ve worked with 70 of the top 100 Global FMCG / CPG brands to change how they market and sell products and connect their brands with today’s consumer.

Our team creates digital brand experiences and high-performance omnichannel marketing campaigns that allow you to expedite access to new markets and increase sales opportunities. Our experienced team support you with…

Brand Strategy and Tactics
Product Launch Campaigns
Digital Brand Experiences and Marketing
Customer Experiences and Journeys
eCommerce Channel Development.

Digital Brand Experience [Use-Case Examples]

FMCG Segment: New Product Launch

We’ve helped a leading FMCG manufacturer to launch a range of new products into the Australian Grocery Industry. Our brief was to design a brand experience that would be memorable to the retail buyer, plus create a multi-touch consumer-focused brand engagement campaign.

We created an ‘at-home brand experience’ that the retail buyer could share with the family.
We used an interactive ‘online brand launch storyboard’ to centralise and simplify the delivery all the product launch and category information.
We designed an omnichannel brand engagement program for the end consumer, combining digital marketing campaign with the retail customer’s eCommerce store promotional program, and their consumer engagement portal.  

High-Tech: Improving Webinar Engagement during COVID-19

Our client is a software company who has struggled to engage with their customers and prospects due to the overuse of video conferencing during the Coronavirus period. Our brief was to develop an exciting and memorable webinar experience that would make their online event more memorable.

We designed a range of eye-catching ‘zoom meeting’ digital brand elements that were used in their email signatures, digital campaigns, event landing pages, and as a zoom meeting room backdrop.
We used our multi-channel digital engagement program to publish content in parallel to the online event e.g. external videos, guest speakers, and endorsements.
Our content marketing program started immediately the online event concluded. Personalised content was published to each attendee. Audience tracking allowed sales staff to easily highlight ‘interested leads’ based upon their content actons.  

Health & Beauty: Customer Brand Experience

Working with the original owners of BirchBox, we helped them to design a ‘real-time’ brand experience program to improve the customer experience surrounding the order to delivery process.

We worked with the client to build a fully-integrated system which connected their CRM with their digital marketing platform, and their distribution agent. This created a seamless connection between with Birchbox and their customer.
Product videos stored on YouTube were delivered immediately the customer signed for their order delivery. Customers learnt in real-time how to use the products as they opened their order.
New branded packaging was created. We grew brand loyalty by including ‘memory postcards’ in each order which contained a personal message that creates an emotional connection with the customer.

FMCG: Category and Range Review Presentations

Fresh Bites is our Brand Storyboard Landing Page.
In this example, we’ve used our Brand Storyboard to provide a Coles Supermarket Buyer with a single location to view the relevant category / range review and sales presentation information they require in a beautifully flowing ‘brand journey’.

Sales Positioning Statements, Product Brochures, Whitepapers, Promotional Videos etc
Product Range information and Category Analysis
Shelf Space Management – Planograms and 3D Store Walkthroughs
Marketing & Promotional Campaigns – Media Kit, Digital Marketing Plan, Coles&Co Brand Campaign.

View the Fresh Bites Brand Storyboard Landing Page

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