Campaigns Live in 30-Days

Product Marketing: Campaigns Live in just 30-Days!

Product Marketing Box is your pre-packaged go-to-market program which packs a full product marketing program into a flat-rate product marketing service.

Market your Product Brand in 30 days!

Do you have a product brand or a service you want to take to market quickly?
Are you planning for your sales promotions BUT still haven’t created your product campaigns?

Everyone will tell you that to put a successful product marketing campaign will take months, and they are right!

For even the most experienced marketer, it takes an enormous about of time, effort AND marketing experience to create the RIGHT elements needed for an enticing and engaging marketing campaign e.g.

Product brand message and positioning
Marketing message and sales hook
Defining your target audience
Creation of images/graphics and marketing content
Design of advertisements (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google)
Creation of marketing budget and advertising expense forecasts
Design of your lead generation landing page (websites pages and content)
Define your engagement actions e.g. Purchases, Registration, Downloads
Lead sales funnel (email database with automation)
Overall customer brand experience & journey design inc 2 x website blogs.

It’s GREAT that you want to get your marketing done RIGHT the first time

You SHOULD use the RIGHT message to attract the best quality sales leads

It’s SMART to care about choosing the RIGHT way to spend your marketing budget

And you recognise how IMPORTANT it is to get help from someone who is experienced in social media and digital marketing to get everything RIGHT the FIRST TIME!

rev™ Product Marketing Box

rev™ Branding is a specialist Brand Agency helping companies to easily describe, communicate, and market their business.
For 20+ years we’ve been providing high-performance brand optimisation which creates brand stories that are strategic, creative and connect with your audience to inspire actions.

Product Marketing Box is a pre-packaged go-to-market program which incorporates ALL 10 items we mentioned above into a single product marketing service.

IN JUST 30-days, we’ll implement all 10-tasks to create hyper-targeted product campaign that will engage, educate, and inspire your audience to take actions.

For a TOTAL cost of $4,495 +gst
PLUS, we’ll also include 3-months of marketing mentoring valued at $995 to keep you focused and on track.