How to Develop your KILLER Sales Strategy

How to Develop your KILLER Sales Strategy

rev™ Killer Sales Strategy Workshops – our onsite sales strategy workshop designed to help you plan your sales and marketing strategy and tactics.

AMAZING sales results are simply a result of GREAT planning!
NOW is the time to kick-start that sales strategy and planning process which will be ESSENTIAL to driving next year’s sales success.

You should AT LEAST be thinking about your marketing and sales strategies & tactics (If you haven’t started, contact us to help you get this underway).

Business analysis drives insights and great decisions…

1) Review your previous year’s sales & revenue
Where did your sales and revenue come from last year? Is most of your company revenue from existing customers or from new customers you have acquired? How long was your average sales cycle? Who were your best (and worst) customers – why? What are your best lead sources? Did you find bottlenecks in your sales cycle? Where did opportunities that you should have won go astray? Could your sales close rate be improved? Document your lessons learned and also begin thinking about improvements you’d like to make through 2019.

2) Review the previous year’s “market trends”
Why was your product/service offer bought initially? This is extremely important to understand this. Every year buyers need change, or the problem they did have is not the priority this year!

Every year new products come onto the market promising better value and greater efficiencies…Does your product still stack up?

A fatal mistake is hitting the New Year with a bucket-load of cash to spend on sales and marketing not realising that people don’t want what your selling…Before you move forward, do some research, it may just be “how you’re selling it” needs to be updating?

TIP: Review, what it is you’re selling, and who your buyer is! Be certain that use cases or scenarios can be developed to define ‘the problems that you solve”.

Business planning provides the framework to execute…

3) Define your company vision for 2019
Where do you picture your company by the end of 2017/2018? Write a one-page description of what things will look like 12-months from now (be specific and focused). Also, it’s important to include how you see your sales and marketing operating if all the worlds came together.
If YOU don’t have a vision, it’s impossible for your sales team to see their future…

4) Set your company priorities, goals, and milestones for 2019
What’s standing in the way of achieving your vision? Build a list of the various projects that you need to be completed to achieve your vision. Break things into logical chunks that can more easily be achieved in a defined period. How are you going to measure sales wins? Before you attack next year’s plans, perhaps look at sales systems (CRM) that will allow EVERYBODY to collaborate and share the business success.

5) Review your company avatar and build your ideal “buyer profile”
Look back your best customers and make sure you identify the characteristics that make them “the best”.
• Do they fit your business model?
• Are they profitable and continue to value what you’re offering?
• Do they scale with your business (upsell opportunities?)
• Do they provide strategic value?

It’s important to build a sales strategy that defines the type of clients that will grow your business. Don’t just grab the easy sales – they inevitably will result in higher service costs and lower profits in the longterm.

6) Conduct another competitor SWOT analysis
You may have been busy last year, but we guarantee that your competitors have been just as busy! Get into some competitive intelligence by simply checking out their websites to see what may have changed. Have a look at their customers, news pages, events, even adjourning company profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Lastly, Google them, you may be surprised at who comes up better?

7) Confirm your differentiators between your top competitors
Make sure you are clear on what makes you different from your competitors. Talk to some of your customers and find out why they chose to buy from you and what you can do better to support them. It’s ok to be honest and ask them about your weaknesses – at the end of the day, it’s within their interest that you improve, grow and also succeed.

Quality brand marketing generates sales, FACT!

8) Build your Digital Marketing programs
What marketing programs did you run last year? (Breaking them down into product/service silos). How much traffic did your website get? How many leads did you generate online and also offline? How many leads converted into customers? Did certain marketing elements perform better than others?

Are you comfortable with your understanding?
• What your marketing message is regarding your company, products and services?
• Who your buyer is, and what they want or need?
• How your buyer shops for products/services such as yours…?

TIP: Need some help with your brand message and identity?
Speak to rev™ Branding about our Brand Development programs.

9) Review your website content
Take a look at your website and social media channels to make sure that are designed to attract and educate your ideal customer. Is your branding and message consistent? Are you engaging with the right target audience? Is your content compelling and educational?

TIP: If you need help to plan your Digital Marketing strategy and also program, then engage our rev™ Digital Marketing Programs, which help you to get this CORRECT from the get-go.

10) Review and update your marketing tools and collateral
Make sure that your printed and digital marketing materials are written and designed to attract your ideal customers and communicate your company’s unique qualities to prospects and customers. Make sure copyright dates are updated, that your style guidelines are followed, and that everyone on your sales team is using the right version!

Sales programs ARE buyer engagement initiatives…

11) Review and enhance your sales process
Does your company have a formal sales process? Does each salesperson just run around and make as many calls as possible and then load these results into a spreadsheet?

It’s important to have your sales team follow the same process for qualifying and nurturing prospects (and it documented). You need to have a process in place, a tool to capture and manage sales pipeline information?
Even more important is sales training and coaching. It’s critical to ensure that salespeople continue to be motivated and supported.

TIP: our rev™ Sales Coaching and Mentoring Programs are designed to provide training and support programs to your sales team.

12) Review your sales kits
Having all the necessary sales tools available to sales teams is ESSENTIAL from the start.

Review key items such as:
• Brochures
• Case Studies and Whitepapers
• Price lists
• Proposal boilerplates
• Elevator pitches that support letters and email templates
• Value statements and customer quotes
• Copies of the marketing programs that are being used.

13) Identify gaps in your sales and marketing
Document any issues that you uncover while you’re reviewing your collateral, sales processes, and templates. Improve on these and provide updated items to a centralised network location or cloud tools such as Dropbox or OneDrive.
Depending on the issues you have identified, you may need to develop tactical plans for content/inbound marketing, social media, lead generation, lead nurturing, or account development.
Your gap may be as simple as someone’s misinterpretation of content!

14) Build your sales and marketing calendar
It’s completely useless having sales and marketing campaigns designed if you don’t have these planned within a marketing calendar. Marketing calendars provide control and visibility for ALL personal. It ensures campaign focus throughout the year and avoids overlay and mixed messages.

Keep it simple! An Excel spreadsheet from Microsoft templates can be used. If you need something a little more advanced that scales, ask us for a copy of our rev™ Marketing Campaign Designer and also rev™ Campaign Calendar.

Review and Refine…

15) Track, measure and evolve your plan’s tactics
Make sure you have metrics defined for measuring your success. Ensure you have team members accountable for reporting success and also solving any issues. Set up regular meetings (or at least generate reports). Communication is key to not only for motivation and aligning team actions but also discovering issues before they turn into problems.
Learn from your mistakes and victories, and then evolve tactics to sharpen your campaigns!

What do you do right NOW?

Obviously, there’s a LOT of work to do to build a successful 12-month strategy.

Here are a few next step tips/recommendations (Our cheat sheet);

• If you don’t have the bandwidth or scope to build a ‘12-strategy’, then perhaps build smaller easy-to-run campaigns that are executed throughout the year?

• Engage a consultant: It’s tough to be ‘objective about your own company’ when you’re so close to it. Get an external marketing or sales agent, they are can quickly review and provide easy-win tactics.

• Use this checklist, and break this into a set of tasks. Begin to kick-start each of the above and pull in the right people internally or externally to gain valuable insights.

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NOW is the time for you to be planning your year’s Sales and Marketing activities.
GET STARTED NOW If you want to hit the pavement running with sales leads to build your 2019 sales funnel for Q2 and Q3.

– Robert Durrant, rev™ Branding

rev™ Branding is a specialist brand agency who help companies to easily describe, communicate, and market their business to drive sales and growth opportunities.

Our methodology can achieve some amazing results by redirecting marketing budgets from a traditional broad-based strategy, into a set of tailored, focused and very measurable campaigns.

These generate quality sales leads; quality sales leads guarantee that your sales team remain motivated and productive, utilising their time more effectively with buyers who have a real purchase intent.

Our focus is within these key areas of your business:
• Sales and marketing strategy and tactics
• Sales engagement programs
• Digital channel marketing and engagement programs
• Sales training, coaching and mentoring.

Book your Killer Sales Strategy Workshop

rev™ Killer Sales Strategy Workshops are designed to plan your next year’s sales (and marketing) strategy. We conduct this workshop with your Sales, Business Development, Account Management, and also your Marketing teams to complete the following;

1. Review your previous year’s sales programs and their results
2. Build a set of goals / objectives and timelines for your sales plan
3. Provide recommendations that can result in significant improvements to your sales engagements
4. Design a range of marketing and sales engagement campaigns
5. Build a framework to support your ongoing sales and digital marketing program.

We provide a documented assessment with recommendations on how to create a KILLER sales program that suits YOUR business, products and customers.

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