Improve your Brand Visibility on Google?

How to improve your Google search results using our Google Marketing Checklist to optimise and leverage your brand’s visibility across the Google search network such as Google Maps, Google Ads, Google Search Network, Google Business Profile.

When did you last check your business brand representation on Google?
The reality of today’s online digital world is if your brand is NOT visible on Google, the chances of being found by new customers are significantly reduced (down to about zero).

Google Business Profile Manager

Try this RIGHT NOW!

1. Do a Google search for your business brand using another person’s device.
2. Then do a Google search for the type of products and services you sell (not your branded products).

Regardless of your preferred marketing platform e.g. Facebook, Instagram, and even Google Ads, it’s ESSENTIAL that your brand is well represented across all the Google search platforms (not just what you see on your own device).

Improving your SEO on Google 

EVERY SINGLE DAY shoppers search for brands online and find their Google Business Profiles with missing or incomplete information (it drives us insane).

To help you get the most from Google, we’ve created this Google Marketing Checklist, which contains a bunch of really simple things you can do to improve your brand representation on Google.

You’ll see that some of the items are just common sense, HOWEVER, we forget about them or we don’t know how to use them.  Others on the list are free tools available from Google, which will give you some AMAZING SEO RESULTS when used correctly.

Google Marketing Checklist

Google Business Profile

Did you know that you have a Google Business Profile display card on Google when people search for you? AND that you can edit and enhance the information on it?

Google Business Profiles are one of the most important parts of your Google search journey – it’s the first thing your customers see! Log on to your profile, download the app, but get involved to ensure the information in each section is utilised to its highest potential.   

Google Reviews – build your reviews by engaging with your customers.

Google Posts/Updates – use this to publish relevant information about your business.

Google Photos – Make your listing more enticing by adding photos – more important in sectors like food, hospitality and entertainment.

Google Questions & Answers – help people find more relevant information about your business.

Remember the three things that impact your business appearing in shopper searches…

1. Relevance: How well the business matches what the shopper is searching for.

2. Location: How far the business is from the search location.

3. Popularity: Is the business popular e.g. online search, reviews, check-ins etc.

Website SEO

Add your website to Google Search Console so its pages can be crawled and indexed by Google

Don’t forget to also add your website to Bing Webmaster

Google Analytics can be used to analyse your site performance and monitor how your audience travel across your site

Google Keyword Planner is a free service provided by Google to help you choose the most appropriate keywords and search phrases

Website SEO Services – invest in SEO tools like Yoast or pay for an SEO Audit. Listen to their advice about how to update your headers, keywords, image names, links and metadata

Use SEO friendly URLs (Human readable)

Check that all your page hyperlinks are working and pointing to the right location

Create Backlinks to your other pages plus to external sites

Create educational and informative website Blogs and articles

Ensure that your sitemap is current and has been listed within Google Search Console

Delete dead website pages from your website (using 401 or 301 codes)

Keep your content updated and fresh for your audience and Google

Clean up legacy information found about your business on Google

Develop your website to support the latest Google Mobile standards.

Google Ads Marketing

Connect your brand with hundreds of millions of buyers who use the Google network daily to search for products and services like yours. Learn about Google Ads Marketing from rev™ Branding.

If you are not keen on a ‘pay-per-click’ model, then work with a digital agency like rev™ Branding, which provides organic SEO services.

Content Marketing

Get your Brand Message and Identity RIGHT. Before you start investing in online marketing and search tools, make sure that you have a focused and clear brand identity, message and company profile

Post some educational and engaging articles and content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) and link these back to your website

Utilise relevant keywords and hashtags on your social media posts

Use quality content on your pages (do not load rubbish). Readers LOVE quality content, so does Google. Bad quality e.g. punctuation, grammar, plagiarism, will get you penalised quickly by Google

Build a long-term sustainable Content Marketing Program to build organic Google SEO

Implement an email marketing system and link your content to your website pages.

Digital Customer Experience and Journey

Digital Customer Experience and Journey is the logical flow that your customers take from the initial research of your brand/offer, through to making a purchase.

It’s the matrix of the digital touchpoints between your business and your customers. This matrix builds an information profile about your customer which then allows you to optimise their journey by providing a personalised, educational and interactive ‘customer experience’.

Get this right, and you’ll get far better results from any paid advertising campaigns.

SEO General Tips and Suggestions

Optimise your brand profile across third-party websites e.g. alliance partner websites and also social media tools

Take advantage of Google Shop and Facebook Shop

Gain extra online visibility by utilising third-party blogging sites for articles and media releases

Market your website correctly and promote your page content.

DO NOT underestimate the power of Content Marketing
Take your time and plan out your Content Marketing Project.  Remember that SEO is an ongoing and evolving process that must be constantly updated.

Any changes you make can take around three months to appear live on Google.

Google Business Profile Optimisation Service

Our Google Business Profile Optimisation is an ‘audit and improvement’ service to improve your online brand visibility.  Let us help you to create and optimise your Google Business Profile, ensuring that it’s accurate and is leveraging the strength of the Google search network.

Our team will provide you with a range of recommendations on improving your branded page performance and boosting your online visibility.

Google Marketing Tools

Brand Healthcheck: Your first step to testing the quality of your online brand against others in the same industry.

Brand Optimisation Service: Don’t have the time or expertise to develop and market your brand? This is your outsourced brand development and marketing service. (On Sale NOW!)

Website Development Services: Do you need a new, more functional website? Or perhaps it just needs a refresh? Let our web services team help.

Website Organic SEO and Marketing Service: Have a great website BUT you’ve not marketed it correctly? Use our website marketing and SEO options to help you to build online audiences and website sales.

Google Ads Search Marketing: Connect your brand with hundreds of millions of buyers who use the Google network daily to search for products and services like yours.

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