Brand Optimisation Service

Brand Optimisation Program

Brand Optimisation Program is our MOST popular branding service that dramatically improves your digital marketing and sales campaign results.

Is your brand message complex or confusing?
Do you feel like your marketing isn’t working?
Have your customers started to buy from NEW competitors?

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on marketing, if your brand message and the offer isn’t correct, sales leads will simply evaporate!

Regardless of the type of business or industry segment you’re in, it’s ESSENTIAL that you keep your brand message current, and in-line with what your current and future customers want!

The way shoppers search and purchase changes constantly!
Each year, new competitors will appear, each selling products and services similar to your own?

The difference is these new companies have a cool new brand, message, all supported by a slick marketing campaign to attract customers (previously your customers).

Just like any well-run business, you need to keep abreast of new products and services popping up in your market segment.

Well, it’s the same for your Brand. It’s CRITICAL that you continue to invest in your brand to ensure it remains relevant and focused on what your customers want!

Factors that will impact your Brand

As the world continues to evolve, and new technologies emerge, there will be a range of factors that will have a significant impact on your business brand.

1. New types of products and services being offered by your competitors
2. Industry disrupters e.g. new technology or industry reforms
3. Changes in the way your customers’ research and purchases e.g. smartphones, social media.

Industry disruptors like Uber Eats and Airtasker have caused havoc to businesses in their industry who simply refused to adapt – the industry and customers moved on.

Brand Optimisation Program

rev™ Brand Optimisation is our MOST popular branding program by creating the right verbal and visual brand elements that will target audiences, be recognised instantly, and build brand trust and loyalty. 

This program will allow you to invest in marketing and business development campaigns confidently, knowing that the results will be dramatically improved!

SAVE 75% on this AMAZING Package!

What is Included:
Company Brand Storyboard and Positioning Review
Company Profile and Sales (Elevator) Pitch Design
Brand Messaging Pyramid Design
Brand Marketing Review (Logo, Social Media, Google, Website etc.)
Marketing Strategy and Tactical Recommendations
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Audit
Target Market Profiling and Audience Segmentation
Unique Selling Proposition and Value Positioning Design
Sales Offer Review/Audit (Product and/or Service offer)
Business Development and Lead Generation Review
Event Marketing and Lead Management Plan
Channel Development Plan
Affiliate Marketing Model.

Investment: $995.00 +gst (Normally price $3,995.00 +gst).
**SPECIAL** Save 75% with our pre-paid rate (Save $3000)

This program is ONLY available at this special rate when its pre-paid through our website store (Credit Card or PayPal) or via direct debit to our bank account (tax invoice provided).

Need More Information?

rev™ Branding is a specialist brand agency helping companies to integrate their brand with digital technology and marketing to drive sales and growth opportunities.

Our Brand Optimisation Service will deliver your focused brand message and sales offer to your audience, which will dramatically improve your marketing and lead generation results.

If you need to finance this project?
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