Boost your Sales Results with Training Coaching and Mentoring

BOOST your Sales Results with Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Need to BOOST sales?
Ever thought about sales team coaching and mentoring?

Sales training can help aspiring sales staff to develop the necessary skills required to qualify, nurture and convert leads to customers.

Sales training is also important to grow their self-confidence to achieve sales targets on a regular basis.

When you also support your team with quality sales toolkits, they become a self-sufficient business development engine armed with the skills and tools that will grow the business.

The difference between sales training, coaching, and mentoring.

Sales Training is usually a structured program that steps the individual through the basic methodology of performing sales. Within this article, I have listed a range of these steps.

Sales Coaching is where you may identify a specific area of the sales methodology where the individual may need extra help e.g. Public speaking.

Sales Mentoring provides the guidance (usually from experienced people) that in turn builds their confidence, nurtures ideas, allows for advice and criticism, and helps with their enthusiasm.

Building a Quality Sales Training Program

Improving Communication Skills and Appearance
Salespeople need to foster a range of skills such as listening, understanding, and also asking the relevant questions. To many times salespeople “sell at people” rather than “selling to people”. Communications are linked to personalities and roles. Just as important as the communications are their appearance. Have they dressed appropriately for the type of product or service that you sell and does this match the customer type?

Sales Methodology
There are structured sales techniques available e.g. Spin Selling. You need to adopt something that suits you or, at least, aspects of a few techniques that you can adapt to your own process. Every sales opportunity is different. However, the sales process including qualification to conversation steps is always the same

Sales Toolkits
Have you equipped your sales staff with the right tools that allow them to engage sales leads or prospects? Do you provide sales and marketing programs that support the salesperson?

Generating Marketing Qualified Leads
Where are your leads from? Are the salespeople familiar with the company’s annual sales and marketing programs? How does this link to their sales budget and plan? Making cold calls is twice as hard if the prospect doesn’t know who the company or its products / services are. Brand building and positioning via marketing, PR using some of the very cool digital solutions available will help with the integrity and reputation of the solution recommended by sales staff.

Objections Handling & Negotiation
Prospects tend to seek reasons not to buy. The most successful salespeople expect to receive objections during the sales process, it’s how you handle these which potentially makes you stand out from the crowd. Can you think on your feet or do you need to analyse and prepare for these? Both can be correct.

Administration and Documentation
Effective sales-people understand the importance of functions such as tracking daily activities, keeping accurate records and analysing sales pipelines. This information is crucial to helping them to can help better manage their time and productivity.

Sales Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Your front-line sales staff need to have everything they require to ensure they are representing your business confidently to bring in those necessary sales.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on sales and marketing, but if your team is not equipped or capable of handling sales enquiries, it’s a waste of time and money!

rev™ Sales Coaching & Mentoring build skills and confidence within people so as to empower them to make more confidence and informed decisions. – Maura Gillispy, Creating Better Sales Staff

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