NEXT LEVEL Digital Marketing!

Learn the 8 essential tasks that will take your Digital Marketing results to the next level.

You’re on Social Media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok?
You’re publishing some great articles and content?
You’ve increased your social media following with the help of family, friends and connections?
You’ve even managed a few promoted posts and paid adverts on Facebook?

For many businesses who have embarked on their digital marketing journey, this pretty much sums up what you’ve been told to do, right?

Owners of small to medium-size businesses (SME) have been busy learning how to market their business online using the various online tutorials and self-help videos.

Up to this point, everything has been going along ok, BUT in reality, your marketing results haven’t really justified the cost and time?

So, what’s next?

Is this what digital marketing is?

Well, actually, it’s not…

You’ve done a fantastic job at getting the fundamentals right, BUT this is when you start to leverage this work and take your marketing to the NEXT LEVEL.

Digital platforms like Facebook and Google have a bunch of advanced functions and tools available.  When you use these functions in conjunction with your marketing content and advertisements, almost immediately, you’ll see a HUGE difference in your marketing performance.

One of the many advantages of working with a reputable and qualified digital brand agency is their experience in creating trusted digital brand experiences and journeys as opposed to just posting advertisements. 

Only when you create a quality, and trustworthy brand experience is when you will see your marketing investment transform into a lead generating sales machine. 

We’ve created 8 Essential Tasks that will leverage the work you’ve already done BUT also lift your marketing results and provide a MUCH better return on your marketing investment.

How to leverage your digital marketing 

1. Focus on your brand message 

It’s critical that you have a clear and focused brand identity and message.

Take some time to really understand who your customers are and what problems you’re solving for them.  Use this information to build out your slogan, company profile and elevator pitch. This information will be used throughout your marketing. Learn how to optimise your brand.

Clear – Focused – Consistent.

2. Design your digital customer experience and journey

Think about what digital platforms your customers are using BEFORE you start posting content everywhere.  Understand how your customers will travel from one platform to the next, and what actions you would like them to make?

Example 1. A post on your Facebook page will link to an article on your website that will then prompt the visitor to register their details to download something?

Example 2. An email blast provides a link to a website blog that then takes the visitor to your online store to make a purchase?

Learn how to design your customer experience & journey

3. Adopt an omnichannel marketing approach

The way that people research and purchase changes EVERY year!

Tailor your marketing for different audiences that are using different platforms.  Omnichannel means that your potential customer may start their buying journey in one location but will finish in another e.g. instore.

Think outside the square a little. Just because you prefer not to use tools like TikTok doesn’t necessarily mean that your customers don’t?

4. Synchronise your campaigns

Don’t be posting one offer on Facebook, and then a contradicting offer over on LinkedIn.

Remove the confusion and synchronise the launch of your campaigns.  By aligning the content across all platforms not only looks more professional and coordinated, but it also reinforces your brand message.

5. Teach yourself how remarketing works

It’s one thing to publish a few digital adverts on Facebook, buts it’s quite a different thing to link these with tracking pixels.

Posting some paid advertising on Facebook IS NOT digital marketing.

True digital marketing is a well-designed, automated, end-to-end sales funnel that tracks the shopper’s journey based on their online actions.

With the use of digital pixels, you can automatically re-engage with your online audiences at different stages of their online digital journey. 

Example 1. When someone visits your website, you can automate brand remarking advertisements to appear on their Facebook or Instagram feed

Example 2. When a shopper abandons their purchase in your online store, you can send them a reminder email that prompts them to return and complete the transaction.

Once you have this set-up correctly, it can drastically improve the results of your paid advertising.

6. Research the many digital marketing tools that are available

There are SO MANY amazing digital apps and website plugins available that can really help you to expand and optimise your digital marketing. Work with your digital brand agency to understand which of these tools (many of them free) can perhaps help your website and social media content to encourage upsell or cross-sell opportunities. 

View our digital resource library

7. Create ‘unforgettable’ digital brand experiences

Learn how to create memorable brand experiences which will result in higher customer satisfaction rates, greater customer engagement & loyalty, and an increase in sales revenue.

Step outside your comfort zone and perhaps invest in some of the new digital technologies that have become very affordable.

Augmented Reality (AG) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have shown how it can improve the brand experience for your online shoppers.

As an example, the use of AI automated messaging tools can facilitate how people obtain information about your products and services from your website.

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment using computer-generated simulations e.g. 3D walkthrough of a house for sale, a retail store, or even a trade event without having to visit that location physically.

Just because you wouldn’t use these type of tools doesn’t always mean that potential customers don’t.  Why not lead the way and be first to market?

Learn how to create unforgettable brand experiences

8. Stay true to your brand

The Internet and use of digital marketing has been associated with online scams, fraud or fake news.  The ONLY way you will win in digital is with a trusted brand.

Effective digital marketing campaigns rely on a quality brand position and message.
Get this piece wrong, and your campaign is doomed.

Your brand plays a vital role across all areas of your business marketing and sales e.g. website, sales presentations, marketing collateral, social media, and even your day-to-day business communications.

Learn how to use professionally-designed brand elements to create a cohesive brand identity and message that will promote trust, honestly and of course, value. 

How to create a professional brand identity and message

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