Social Media & Digital Marketing Outsourcing Service

Social Media & Digital Marketing Outsourcing Service

rev™ Stepping Up Socially is your complete Social Media & Digital Marketing Outsourcing Service for your business.

The common challenge for many businesses

Many companies decide to create social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, ONLY because friends told them they should be marketing on social media!

What’s worse, is they then get their friends ‘who know Facebook’ to create their social media accounts and company pages, plus manage the updates and article posts.

In almost every case, when we analyse these social media accounts, we find posts containing pictures of their pets and a bunch of weekend social events.

We also find that the accounts were never set-up correctly and don’t support retargeting and remarketing using digital tracking pixels which link back to your website landing pages.

The Result?
1. They are spending a heap of time posting content that produces NO results.
2. Their investment in online adverts won’t produce the results you are expecting.
3. The traffic is generated by these adverts is not being captured by pixels for remarketing.

In the end, their Social Media and Digital Marketing ROI becomes so bad, business owners lose confidence and start saying “this a waste of time and money” and “why would I pay someone to get the same zero results”. WELL next time, call us!

Social Media & Digital Marketing Headaches Cured!

rev™ Do-It-For-Me Digital Marketing and Social Media aren’t just about building Facebook pages or Websites; it’s more about building the strategy to support the business goals, and then designing a tailored and focused marketing / sales engagement program to deliver your results.

rev™ DIFM Digital Marketing and Social Media Services are outsourced programs where our team of experts build and launch your digital marketing program for you.

rev™ Branding is certified in the use of the latest digital technologies, and we help companies use these to market and sell more products or services to their customers.

We combine strategy & tactics, digital marketing, and sales coaching & mentoring to build targeted, interactive, and automated digital engagement campaigns which constantly generate pre-qualified sales leads and enquiries.

Launch your first PROFESSIONAL and EFFECTIVE digital campaign for ONLY $1,545

rev™ Stepping Up Socially Package
We’ll design and launch your Facebook campaign for ONLY $1,545.00 +gst.
This is a professionally designed campaign that supports full digital remarketing capabilities.

rev™ Stepping Up Socially includes:
1. Digital Marketing strategy and plan
2. Set-up of Facebook advertising manager
3. Building of your campaign message, content, and images
4. Design and publish your first Facebook campaign
5. Campaign reports, metrics and improvement recommendations.

Let us show you how a well-designed and professionally developed Social Media and Digital Marketing program can create a highly-effective and measurable marketing and sales engagement program.

Digital Marketing is a very low cost, sustainable, and scalable program to drive marketing and sales engagement processes for your business.