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rev™ Media Marketing

Using Digital to Drive Business Growth!

Connect your brand with shoppers across new sales channels using 'digital campaigns' using paid search, social media, and targeted channel marketing.


Digital Strategy

rev™ Branding is a specialist (slightly edgy) digital brand agency. We use a combination of strategy, creative, technology, and digital media to craft digital marketing strategies that change the way in which brands connect with shoppers.

Our digital marketing solutions rely on strategic thinking, creative delivery, and innovative expertise. We take the time to listen to your needs, research your market, and find the digital touchpoints that drive scalable and sustainable brand growth.

Dip your toe in the water using the latest digital technology and consumer shopping trends by incorporating social media & digital marketing, ecommerce and omnichannel, websites and mobile apps, plus the use of augmented reality, AI, and hands-free voice activation.

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Brand Message & Offer

Do you feel your business brand is just another logo in the crowd?
Do you wonder if your marketing stands out? 

Your most powerful and valuable business asset is your brand identity. Your brand identity includes your logo, company profile, sales and value offer, elevator pitch, and business values. When your brand identity is constructed correctly, it becomes your most powerful marketing tool.

In today’s digital age, shoppers have virtually unlimited shopping choices across every market segment. Brands with a quality brand message and clear offers will cut through the online marketing noise and win the client.

You can trust the branding experts at rev™ Branding to create a cohesive brand identity that will influence what people say, think, and feel about your company, products, and services.

Our branding projects provides clarity and defines who you are, who your customers are, and how you solve their problems.

Learn more about our rev™ Branding Services >> and how we connect the worlds leading brands with their customers!


Social Media Marketing

As the internet community grows and changes, social media campaigns & tactics have remain a step ahead. Whether you’re looking to increase the likes or follows of your brand’s page or you need a targeted campaign to generate new customers and revenue, our social media marketing experts have got you covered.

rev™ Branding is accredited and industry experienced in social media marketing services. Our digital marketing specialists know how to design and implement effective social media marketing campaigns that will position your brand as a leading authority.

We’ll help you choose the right social media channels and develop a targeted social media strategy that will grow your business, build brand retention, create trust, and of course deliver brand visibility and engagement both online and instore.

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Paid Digital Media

rev™ Branding Digital Media Services helps you with innovative, high-performance, paid digital campaigns that drive audiences to your brand.

We create multichannel brand campaigns such as display advertisments, videos, podcasts and publish these across targeted high-performing digital platforms.

Social Marketing: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, and Threads *new*
Google Advertising: Pay-per-Click marketing services using Google Ads and Google Shop
TV Media Buying: Media buying and advertising across metropolitan and regional networks.

Our Digital Media Services >> merge our creativity with technology to produce paid advertising campaigns that will grow your businesses, build brand retention and trust, to deliver visibility and engagement both online and instore.


eMarketplace Services

rev™ Branding helps brands to market and sell products on eMarketplaces.

Global B2C & B2B Marketplaces have been getting a lot of traction with consumers and have become a real alternative to physical stores.

We’ve been empowering brand marketers to sell their products using leading Australian and International eMarketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Catch, Kogan, GraysOnline, Facebook Marketplace, Google Shop, Woolworths Marketplaces, MyDeal and TradeMe, PLUS International sites such as Alibaba, Jet, Fishpond, Rakuten, Etsy, Newegg, and Overstock.

rev™ Branding eMarketplace Services include:

eMarketplace Strategies
Brand Profiles
Digital Experience and Journey
Product Catalogues
eCommerce Marketing.

Start your journey by reading our ‘eMarketplace how-to guide >>‘ for selling products on the top Australian eMarketplaces.


Web Marketing & SEO

rev™ Branding Web Services is an Australian-owned digital brand agency that provides full-service website design, development and marketing service.

Our experienced digital team work with major brands to create website marketing and growth strategies that are centred around the shopper and business needs. We help brands to connect the digital touchpoints across their digital customer journey from research to purchase.

Our exciting and innovative approach will guide you through the use of the latest digital technology and online shopping trends.

Our technical cabability incorporates PHP and .NET platforms to create a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers. We work with our partners at Sitecore, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento to fulfill your website development, mobile apps, augmented reality, AI, voice activation needs.

Our SEO services will make monumental impact to your bottom line by boosting online traffic and engagement.  We’ll happily conduct an audit of your online presence, everything from Google Analytics, your SEO & SEM, your website, Meta and your social brand presence.

Learn more about how to translate your brand identity digitally with rev™ Branding Web Services >> 

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