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Protecting Your Brand IP from Copycat Products

Brand managers are facing a growing challenge: protecting their brand’s intellectual property (IP) in a landscape where copycat products are becoming increasingly common.

As online shopping apps and marketplaces continue to proliferate, it’s easier than ever for unscrupulous competitors to manufacture and sell knock-off products.

Recently, rev™ Branding presented at an online retail event, discussing the future of online marketing and what it means for consumer brands.

In today’s digital marketplace, a brand’s success is measured by its market penetration and its ability to be available to consumers wherever and whenever they are shopping. This means that brand managers must be prepared to support a multitude of digital platforms, both existing and emerging.

The future of online marketing and eCommerce sales lies in the ability to publish content quickly and easily to a variety of online marketplaces and mobile shopping apps, including platforms like Temu, Etsy, eBay, Catch, and Amazon.

Multichannel agility is essential for brands to reach consumers effectively and efficiently.

However, as brands expand their reach across multiple platforms, they become increasingly vulnerable to copycat products. These knock-offs not only pose a threat to a brand’s reputation but also erode its market share and revenue.

Understanding Brand IP

Your brand’s trademark is a valuable form of intellectual property that distinguishes your products or services from those of your competitors. It provides legal protection for your brand name and other aspects of your brand identity, creating significant value for your business.

For example, Australian children’s snack food brand Little Bellies recently sued German supermarket chain Aldi for alleged copyright breaches involving several organic fruit and vegetable puff snacks. This case highlights the importance of protecting your brand’s IP in a digital world.

How to Protect Your Brand IP

Managing your Brand IP against companies designing cheaper copycat alternatives and launching them on eCommerce platforms is essential to prevent the erosion of your brand value and the theft of market share.

As a brand owner, it’s crucial to control and monitor your brand’s IP in the digital marketplace. This involves activities such as:

Managing Brand Content – Ensuring you have systems and processes that allow you to store, manage and publish brand content such as logos, images, product descriptions, and product specifications

Monitoring Online Content – including logos, images, descriptions, and product information, for any unauthorised use.  Utilising digital search and analytical tools to identify copycat products across digital sales channels.

Working with global standards organisations like GS1 – to match branding, GTINs, and product information, ensuring better control and visibility.

Partnering with Brand Agencies like rev™ Branding – who specialise in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors and offer services designed to help brands monitor and protect their IP in the digital marketplace.

Digital Sales Channel Growth

If you’re expanding your digital sales channels and are concerned about your brand IP and the emergence of copycat products, our team can help…

Read our article about growing your digital sales channels or simply contact our brand management team to learn more about how we can monitor your brand IP and ensure your continued success in the digital marketplace.

rev™ Branding, with over 20 years of experience, helps leading consumer brands to revolutionise the way they market and sell products across traditional brick-and-mortar retail spaces and digital sales channels.

Let us streamline the way you launch new brands, grow your digital sales channels, and manage your brand IP across an omnichannel program.

Contact our team today on 03 9863-7444 or [email protected] to learn more.

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