Content Marketing – How Companies SHOULD be Marketing!

Learn how to build a Content Marketing Program for your business that continues to attract online audiences without expensive pay-per-click campaigns!

Today’s online shoppers, prospects, and audience members want valuable content from your business that feels natural and organic and NOT disruptive. Content marketing helps businesses to attract, engage, and build memorable brand and shopping experiences.

By honing in on effective content marketing, you can do just that — and as a result, increase conversions, improve brand awareness, boost revenue, establish yourself as an industry leader, and more.

Analysts show that more than 60% of people are shopping online from the comfort of their home, and these figures are constantly increasing.

Essentially, there are two ways to build an online audience or following.

1. Pay-Per-Click – Where you spend money on Google Ads or Facebook Marketing to create a lead generation advert to generate traffic back to your website (short term).

2. Organic SEO & Content Marketing – Investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and quality content on your website and social media pages which will improve your search results (long term).

How to develop a Content Marketing Program!

rev™ Branding is a digital brand agency who helps companies to turn their online audiences into customers. We’ve helped dozens small businesses to reduce their marketing costs simply by using MORE of our content marketing methodology and LESS pay-per-click advertising.

Taking the time to craft a quality content marketing program today, will have your online shoppers BROWSING your offers, rather than SEARCHING for them!

Content Marketing Methodology

Get the brand strategy and marketing plan right first:
To ensure that you get the best results from your marketing budget, you need to get a brand strategy and tactical plan in place first. It’s essential that you get your brand message, offer, value and benefit statements all aligned before you start spending money on advertising.

Building your online audience:
The use of social media blogs, web articles and posts, plus interactive activities will build your online audience and encourage engagement with your marketing and sales-driven content. Learn how to build quality content for your website or social media pages.

Create a digital strategy or plan:
To support your content marketing across various social media and digital channels e.g. shopping apps, you need to first understand your audience and where they research and make purchases. Work with specialist digital agencies who can help you to crate a digital strategy.

Generating traffic using lead conversion sales campaigns:
Develop focused adverts and marketing campaign messages to drive traffic to specific website landing pages. These need to provide an offer of value. (e.g. registrations/subscriptions, free downloads etc).
Work with a digital agency to help you build a social media and digital marketing program.

Create remarketing programs that target your online audiences:
Not all the traffic that comes to your website is ready to buy right now.
Using digital marketing, you can create a set of ‘remarketing campaigns’ that target people who have visited your website or social media pages BUT have not engaged with your campaigns. Don’t miss out on those hot sales leads who got distracted or busy and left your site.

Update your Website and Social Media Pages:
Invest in your website development and marketing, its one of the first things you customers see when they begin reading your content. Make sure that your brand message, identity, logo, contacts and of course, your content is current. Think about modifying your website pages to design a digital customer experience and journey to create a more logical flow.

Build automated email workflows:
Engage and monetise your email database of prospects and customers. Turn this database into an automated email workflow system which educates and nurtures your database. Learn how to build an automated email marketing system

Create sales engagement campaigns:
Depending on the type of your business and what you sell, use digital sales engagement activities such as webinars, events, promotions, seminars, expos, conferences and joint campaigns with your B2B alliance partners to drive interaction and engagement with your prospects.

Think about targeting niche markets:
Rather than spending bucket loads of money trying to sell into the same market segment, think about new segments that are niche or just slightly sideways from your usual. An example of an emerging segment is the environmental aspect of green marketing. Read how Green Marketing allows brands a competitive edge and accessing new and very niche consumer segment.

Invest in eCommerce:
The future of eCommerce and Online Marketing over the next five years is embracing diversity across digital platforms and the agility to activate or deactivate eCommerce channels as needed. 

Content Marketing – How businesses SHOULD be marketing!

Your buyers are using digital platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn EVERY single day to research and buy products.

There has NEVER been a better time for your business to review and update your online brand presence and digital marketing program. You now have the power to use these same digital platforms to target your customers and promote your brand and sales offer (at a very low cost).

By investing a small amount of money and time today, will drastically improve your online search results over the longer-term.

The sooner you get started, sooner your online shoppers will BROWSING your offers, rather than SEARCHING for them!

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