How to build a Content Marketing Program

Content Marketing – How Companies SHOULD be Marketing!

How to Build a Content Marketing Program for your business!

Here is OUR Content Marketing methodology.
rev™ Branding helps companies to turn their online audiences into customers.
We create campaigns that have them BROWSING your offers, rather than SEARCHING for them!

This is the process we use to develop Website content!

Get the strategy/plan right first:
To ensure that you get the best results from your marketing budget, you need to get a strategy, tactics, and a plan in place first. Our team will work with you to create a tailored marketing and sales campaign strategy and plan (not scattergun marketing).

Building your online audience:
The use of social media blogs, web articles and posts, plus interactive activities will build your online audience and encourage engagement.

Generating traffic using lead conversion campaigns:
We develop focused adverts and marketing campaign messages to drive traffic to specific website landing pages.
(e.g. offers, registrations/subscriptions, downloads, online purchases).

Create remarketing programs targeting non-converting audiences:
Not all the traffic that comes to your website is ready to buy right now. Our intimate knowledge of digital marketing shows you how to run “remarketing campaigns” that “remind” hot sales leads not to miss out.

Build education-focused email workflows “sales funnels.”
Your current and past client database often receive very little attention. We turn this (plus the new registrations) into an automated email workflow system which educates and nurtures your database (low hanging sales opportunities).

Create sales engagement programs:
Depending on your business and what you sell, use events, promotions, seminars, expos, partner programs, and webinars to drive interaction and engagement with your prospects. This builds your brand, and create interested sales leads.

Tools to help you make a difference

How to use Social Media and Digital Marketing to build audiences and generate traffic:
Do-It-For-Me and Do-It-Myself Social Media &Digital Marketing Programs

Building Google and mobile-friendly websites that support content marketing:
rev™ Website Development and Marketing

Know which companies visit your website so you can engage them:
rev™ Website Lead Tracking Tools

How to build an automated sales lead engine:
Automated Sales Lead Programs

Our resource library – full of free downloads and templates:
Resource Library and DIY guides & templates

Need some software to automate your program? visit our preferred solution partners:
Solution Partners to help with technology

This IS how businesses of today SHOULD be marketing!

Your shoppers use digital platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn EVERY single day.

We now have the power to use these same platforms to market your brand and sales offer (at a very low cost).

We’re all about small business so if you need some help to build out the above program, please write to me personally for any advice [email protected]

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