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Sports Club Culture

Why developing and maintaining a quality sports culture is so important for your sports club or sports association.

For sports clubs or sporting associations to survive into the future and beyond, it’s absolutely essential that they create and maintain a quality culture.

Having a quality sports culture can significantly impact how teams interact and perform on the field, as well as affect its overall business operations (including financial).

What is a Sports Culture?

Sports Culture encompasses the beliefs and behaviours of your sports club, as well as the interactions between the leadership team, coaches and its members.

It is implied, not defined, as culture exists in our everyday lives as a set of values and behaviours.

Investing in culture development will improve the quality of members, productivity, game results, club financials, and overall enjoyment!

Benefits of a Sports Culture

Club Memberships: Clubs with good quality culture attract more members (word of mouth).
Game Participation: A feeling of inclusion improves the game experience.
• Game Success: That on-field winning feeling.
Brand Reputation: A well-recognised club brand.
Increase in Volunteers: An uplift in volunteer contributions.
Sharing of Ideas: Increased collaboration around the club.
Fundraising: Easier to sell raffle tickets etc.
Event Patronage: Have more people attending events.
Merchandise Sales: Sell more merchandise and player kit sales.
Increased Revenue: Invest back into club development and growth.
Decreased Marketing Costs: Word of mouth referrals.
Sponsorships: Good reputation, growing membership, well-patronised events attracts more sponsors.

Sports Culture Framework

rev™ Branding helps sports clubs to implement a sports culture using our Sports Culture Framework made up of the following FIVE Steps!

Values – A set of club values and behaviours.

Attitudes – Changing the way that people think, feel and act (and lead).

Goals – Defining the type of club you want to be (build resilience).

Education – Helping club members to adopt, accept and understand different cultures.

Tools – Documentation, systems, principles, education.

Let us Help you to develop your ‘Club Branded’ Sports Culture Framework?

If you’re struggling to develop a sports culture program, we have an advisory service that can help?

We can do the heavy lifting by working with your leadership team to define and develop your club branded sports culture framework (as mentioned above) to ensure that you have a sustainable culture methodology that can be maintained by your club for years to come.

We can even build for you a Club Branded Member Culture Survey.


Download our FREE Sports Culture Guide

Learn how to Create a Sports Club Culture
We’ve created a FREE sports club culture guide that helps you to implement and maintain a quality culture at your sporting club or association. Use this guide to ensure that you have an environment that is inclusive and supportive of ALL its members.

Download our FREE Sports Culture Guide.


Need our Help?

rev™ Branding provides a range of marketing, communication and advisory services specifically for sports clubs, sports associations and fitness groups. We develop high-performance brand marketing campaigns which are strategic, creative, and connect with your club’s audience to inspire actions.

Our team help you to implement systems and processes that streamline your club’s operations, making it more efficient and resilient. We work with your leadership group to create a positive and inclusive culture, the foundation that will ultimately drive your club forward and open opportunities for growth and funding.

Need more information?

Speak with Rob on +61 3 9429-2293 or [email protected] or learn more about our Sports Club Acceleration services.

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