How to Create an Automated Sales Lead Engine

Sales Leads from as low as 10c Per Day!

Automatically generate sales leads from as LOW AS 10c per lead using Digital Marketing sales funnels on Facebook, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Digital Marketing platforms provide VERY effective and VERY economical sales targeting. Use these tools to also automate your content marketing (advertising messages) to specific locations, industries, and even targeting people’s interests.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Sales Funnel!

1) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are used by EVERYONE. Advertise direct to their daily news feed?
Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are now the largest and most active databases in the world. These platforms now provide one of the most sophisticated and targeted digital marketing tools.
YOUR BUYERS are already using these tools. YOUR BUYERS use these tools EVERY DAY.
Your competitors are also using them to target YOUR BUYERS.

You can now place content (adverts) directly to their daily news feed for a very very low cost. Get help with Social Media and Digital Marketing.

2) You can filter and target buyers for publishing digital content/advertising!
Audience Targeting provides an advanced search and filtering tool that allows you to target buyers according to their location, job title, interests, age, business, industry, Internet behaviours, and even who is searching for your competitors?
You can also create “search-based targeting” or dynamic adverts that allow you to present content to people using the internet to search for a specific result e.g. when they search for flights, you can present display advertisements or banners to them for travel insurance?

3) Continue to track the people who visit your page and have viewed your content!
Ever heard of website cookies? In digital marketing, we call them Pixels, and they allow you to track people who visit specific pages on the Internet including Facebook, Instagram, Google and of course your website. Pixels allow you to then track and present web content (adverts and content) to these people while they are using the Internet and social media platforms – the new buzz word it’s called is ‘Remarketing’.

4) Remarketing automates the presentation of sales advertising or content to your buyers!
Install Tracking Pixels on your social media pages and website. By tracking your online visitors using these Pixels, you can then “remarket” to this same audience follow-up campaign offers and reminder messages. This allows you to cross-sell to people who already know you and your company brand.

5) Create custom audiences using email lists, publish content to them whenever they’re on the Internet!
Google Customer Matching and Facebook Lookalike Audiences provide an amazing way for you to link your existing database list (your email list) to your digital marketing campaigns. Let Google and Facebook find these people and publish your targeted marketing messages to their Facebook and Google pages.

6) Digital Sales Funnels automate your sales work while you’re asleep!
Sales funnels are a process used to target, nurture and convert sales leads. In the digital age, they are now automated workflow systems that allow you to build content and schedule the delivery of it to your prospects, even based on what they open or click. As leads subscribe, register or purchase, you can trigger additional up-sell offers automatically. These tools provide a very low cost per lead and sales conversion rate.

7) Custom Conversions can tell you WHO is doing WHAT on your website?
Custom conversions are used to track specific actions that people take on your website e.g. if a visitor registers for something or they visit a page and use these custom conversion pixels to optimise, track and further analyse their behaviour to create more targeted messages such as offers or even reminders.

8) Build an effective, sustainable and very visible low cost per conversion sales pipeline. (Yes, we LOVE this part)
Gone are the days of having sales staff wasting time building prospect lists and calling to try and qualify.
Gone are the days of spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on marketing events and expos HOPING to generate a “leads” that take months to follow up and not close.

STOP of blowing marketing budgets on broad-based marketing campaigns that return little or NO results.

Welcome to the digital age, where you can leverage the Internet and Social Media platforms used every single day by YOUR BUYERS.
Welcome to low cost, targeted and automated digital campaigns that allow you to automate marketing based upon the actions of your audience.
AND welcome to mobile Internet. Smartphones now allowing you to publish content anytime and in anyplace (globally).

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