Brand Message is MORE important than a fancy logo

Brand Message is MORE important than designing a fancy logo

Brand Message and Identity is MORE important than designing a fancy logo and quirky tagline. Brands are the MOST important part of any business trying to compete in the online marketing world.

Your business or product brand can be both visual and verbal.
Your design, and also identity and message will distinguish your brand positioning, and articulate the value you provide your customers.

Regardless if you are building a new brand, or refreshing an existing brand, you need to construct a brand message that will converse with your audiences and invite them to interact with experiences that will ultimately lead them to the outcomes and results they should expect.

Why do you need a STRONG brand message?

Each piece of content you create into this brand message will be the foundation for ALL your communications. Each idea can also become a headline on a website or a section in a brochure.

Your wording should be carefully chosen to articulate the benefits (not features) and connect to the audiences you are targeting. Be personalised and put yourself in the shoes of your buyer…think about their challenge from their perspective.

The fancy logo will for sure attract attention, BUT it’s the messaging that will connect with your audiences and drive online responses such as a Click-through, enrol, refer, ask for information, call, recommend, join or buy!

The verbal part is also used by your customer fronting staff.
How do they currently explain what your company does?
Do you have a company profile and an elevator pitch?
And is there consistency on how this is being used?

When you are publishing adverts on Facebook, Instagram, Linked, Google AdWords, it’s vital that you use your brand messaging to lead your audiences to actions.

In a very noisy and competitive online marketing world, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your adverts, if the message is wrong, you WILL NOT get the desired results.

Great brand build trust and integrity

Trust and Integrity provide your customers with the why, the result, the outcome, the reason to choose you regardless of price over your competitor.

Your logo can’t do that, but a well-designed brand identity and message will.

How to optimise your Brand

rev™ Branding is a specialises in helping companies to easily describe, communicate, and market their business.

Our 20+ years’ experience providing high-performance brand optimisation allows us to create brand stories which are strategic, creative, and connect with your audience to inspire actions.

rev™ Brand Optimisation, using digital experiences and journeys builds customer loyalty and trust. This is the foundation that will ultimately drive your business and open opportunities for growth and investment.

Need some help?

Our team provides a rev™ Optimisation Service and we can use this program to help you review and optimise YOUR brand.

Use the link below to learn more about our brand optimisation service.

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Better Brands = Better Business