Green Marketing

How to use Green Marketing to promote environmentally friendly products and services

Green Marketing is rapidly becoming an essential aspect of brand marketing strategies. 

More and more people becoming concerned with environmentally friendly issues, and look to spend their money on products and services which are kinder to the planet.

Green Marketing refers to the process of selling products and/or services based on their environmental benefits. Such a product or service may be environmentally friendly in itself or produced in an environmentally friendly way, such as: Being manufactured in a sustainable fashion.

Green Marketing can involve several different things, such as creating an eco-friendly product, using eco-friendly packaging, adopting sustainable business practices, or focusing marketing efforts on messages that communicate a product’s green benefits.

Green Marketing is generally more expensive due to the obvious higher costs in manufacturing as well as more sustainable packaging costs.  However, in the longer-term, it can become more profitable due to the increased demand for products and services in a niche market.

Green Marketing Methods

There numerous ways that companies can participate in Green Marketing.

One way, of course, is the manufacturing of environmentally friendly products.  Other ways can be linked to the way you incorporate eco-friendly processes into your business operations, sales, and marketing.

  • Transforming the business to be more ‘digitally focused’ (Digital Transformation)
  • Using environmentally products like friendly paper and inks for printing
  • Moving your marketing away from print to digital (Online Marketing)
  • Supporting recycling and responsible waste disposal practices 
  • Using eco-friendly product packaging
  • Using more efficient product packing and supply chain
  • Taking steps to offset the environmental impact.

Green Marketing Benefits

Open up new sales markets: The environment is at the forefront of consumers right now.  There is a new market consisting of green consumers who prefer green products over non-green products if they are given a choice.

Brand Loyalty & Value: Brands that continuously show their commitment towards protecting the environment and going green tend to earn greater loyalty and trust from consumers.

Competitive advantage: Going green adds up more customers to your existing customer base, which in turn gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Thinking about Green Marketing for your Brand?

If you’ve been thinking about how your brand could move towards Green Marketing, but you’re not sure where to start? 

Speak with our team about how we help companies to adopt a more environmentally responsible approach to their business operations and brand marketing program.

We can help you with;

  • Adopt more environmentally sustainable business operations
  • Develop a Green Marketing Brand Strategy
  • Implement Green Marketing and Communications.

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