How to Grow Your Business

How to Grow Your Business!

Our 12 Business Growth Essentials Tasks that you can do to improve your business marketing results and grow your sales.

There is a constant barrage of confusing marketing adverts promoting 500 different ways to market your business! IF you’re struggling to grow a business, here are the TOP 12 things that WILL WORK!

We’ve cut through ALL the online marketing spin and empty promises from digital agencies to provide you with our 12-Business Growth Essentials.

Each of the 12-Business Growth Essentials come complete with QUALITY information articles, how-to guides, templates, and also service options to get you started!

No more ‘marketing confusion’ here are 12 SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE ways to grow your business both on and offline.

Struggling to get new sales leads & enquiries?

Businesses over-complicate what they do!
Business Strategy & Planning ARE your most important business tools.
However, as a business owner, you’re often so passionate about what you’re doing that these plans can easily be ‘over-thought’.

We also spend too much over-developing our product offer which results in our marketing & sales messages becoming WAY too complex. Your customers just don’t get it!

As a niche business consulting agency, rev™ Branding helps companies to ‘accelerate’ the way they market and sell their products and services.

Regardless whether you are a NEW or an EXISTING business if you want to successfully GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Put a hold on existing marketing and sales campaigns and use the following 12-Business Growth Essentials to kick-start your new growth plan.

12-Business Growth Essentials

(1) Develop your Brand Storyboard:
When it comes to talking about your business, owner-operators are often so close to their products and services that their “what we do” spiel comes across confusing, and with too many mixed messages.
Remember, the things you say, are not always what your customers hear!

Developing a brand Brand Storyboard helps you to define what you do and the value you provide customers.
By clarifying your message, naturally your elevator pitch, website content, and marketing collateral begin to work much more effectively.
How to create your Brand Story [Learn How]

(2) Build a Brand Marketing Plan:
Customers demand TRUST and INTEGRITY from businesses brands. No matter how much money you spend marketing a product, if they don’t trust you, they don’t buy from you. Build your Brand Strategy around your niche market.
Tailor your marketing message, education process, and brand to your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
Brand Strategy Development Guide [Download Guide]

(3) Create a Killer Sales Plan:
If you don’t have a clear focus on who your customer is, what their problems are, and what value you provide them…you will be defeated before you start.
Create a ‘Killer Sales Plan’ which defines what you need to sell, to who, and how! This will make your marketing so much clearer, targeted, and will produce extraordinary results.
Develop your Killer Sales Plan [Learn How]

(4) Develop your Sales Team and Sales Process:
It’s important that you surround yourself with the RIGHT sales team from the start – do not settle for less. Your sales team should consist of great people, great training, and be supported by a great process. REMEMBER, you cannot train someone to be a great salesperson, however, you can teach people the art of sales!
How to Build a Sales Team from Scratch [Download Whitepaper]
How to Develop a Sales Process [Download Framework]
Learn the Art of Sales Qualification [Download How-To Guide]

(5) Build a Sales Toolkit:
Our 10-Step Brand Strategy Development Guide lists all the items that SHOULD be considered in your Sales Toolkit.
Download this Guide and refer to;
Section 2: Building a customer Avatar (buyer profile).
Section 3: Understanding your target market.
Section 9: Developing your Sales Toolkit.
Brand Strategy Development Guide [Download Guide]

(6) Implement Sales Training, Coaching, and Mentoring:
Traditionally, a company would invest in pure sales training programs for new or existing sales staff.
TODAY, sales coaching and mentoring has become the NEW NORMAL. It encourages staff development, the sharing of knowledge and ideas, but also builds self-confidence thus winning more sales.
How to Implement Sales Coaching and Mentoring [Learn More]

(7) Get the RIGHT Marketing & Sales Tools in Place!
How current is your website? Does it support mobile devices? Is the content current? Does it support Digital Marketing pixel tracking and remarketing functions?
Website Development and Marketing Programs

Do you have an email marketing system in place?
Do you have a campaign plan in place for the next 12-months?
Are your prospect and customer details stored in a spreadsheet rather than a Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Email Database Marketing

Do you have business accounts set-up for social media pages such as Facebook and Google AdWords / Analytics?
10-Step Digital Marketing Checklist [Download Checklist]

(8) Use an Agency to Ramp-Up your Social Media and Digital Marketing:
Social Media & Digital Marketing allow you to create very low-cost and effective ways to generate leads.
It’s ESSENTIAL that this is set-up correctly from the start to support Pixel Tracking, Remarketing, Custom Audience Targeting etc.
Please DO NOT get your cousin’s friend to do this “because they get lots of likes on their page”.
Invest in the RIGHT people and skills, it will save you a LOT of time, money, and also re-work.
Social Media & Digital Marketing [Learn More]

rev™ has been providing business coaching and mentoring to our company for the past 6-months. Our marketing results have been excellent, and our sales have increased more than three times compared to last year. We also have a far wider distribution network now in place that allows us to scale. We are extremely happy with the business strategy, advice and services provided by rev™.

– Matthew Bishop, Location Co

(9) Understand Content Marketing:
Content Marketing feeds your Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaigns:
Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) are developed when you’re publishing quality, knowledge-based articles which educate, and take buyers on a journey (No-one reads rubbish Facebook posts do they?).
EFFECTIVE content marketing can easily, and at a very low-cost turn marketing leads into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). This is now a prospect – someone your sales team REALLY NEED to engage with.
How to Implement Content Marketing

Download our Brand & Content Whitepaper.
Section 7: Develop your own Content Marketing Strategy.
Section 9: Develop your Sales Toolkit and everything MQL & SQL.

(10) Get your Business Selling Online:
EVERY business should be selling online!
Your sales and marketing strategy SHOULD INCLUDE multiple sales channels such as eBay, Amazon, Google Shop, Facebook Store, and you own Website Shopping Carts.
Speak to us about how to build a current, mobile, and google friendly website from as low as $2,500.
How to Sell Products Online [Learn How]

(11) Build your Sales Engagement Programs: e.g. Events and Promotions
Plan out the types of events that your company should be attending, exhibiting, or even running for your own customers
Sales Engagement programs are buyer targeted activities that engage your prospects and take them on a sales qualification journey.
Turn the objectives from your Killer Sales Plan into a set of engagement activities which generate ‘quality sales leads’. Build a Killer Sales Plan [Learn More]

(12) FINALLY! Get yourself a Business Mentor or Adviser:
rev™ Branding work across a number of industry sectors to help companies to think a little “outside of the box”. Sometimes, you can be so close to your business that you need those external pair of eyes to point out the things that may not be so obvious.
Engage a High-Performance Mentor [Learn More].

How can we help?

rev™ Branding can work with you as a business consultant to help plan and implement marketing and sales strategies. For companies who want to do it themselves, our DIY Training is perfect. rev™ Branding then simply just acts as a mentor to provide you with advice as you complete each task.

Whatever model suits your type of business, speak with us about how we can tailor something to meet your business budget and objectives. It is really THAT simple!

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