10 Step Process to Implement Digital Marketing (3)

rev™ 10 Step Process to Implement Digital Marketing is an amazing step-by-step guide is a FREE DOWNLOAD and it lists EVERYTHING you need to do within your Digital Marketing project to make it a success.

Does your company have a HEAP of great Digital Marketing ideas, BUT, you have NO IDEA how to implement them?

Do you see creative digital marketing posts and wonder how they implement them?

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We’re always being asked, “what are the steps needed to plan and implement a digital marketing program?”

Platforms such as Facebook, Google AdWords, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. all provide heaps of great information and videos, BUT, it can take literally weeks to read them and learn how to do it (and do it correctly).

SO what does all of this mean to YOUR BUSINESS?
WHICH piece should I start working on FIRST to give me the best result?

Our team here at rev™ Branding also hit this hurdle when we first started our social media and digital marketing journey. We spent a stack of MONEY and wasted a lot of TIME with online advertising…

WHY did we waste so much time and money? Well, because we NEVER spent time on the overall STRATEGY and PLAN, we just raced off and starting to throw up online adverts hoping they would work.

No-one told us where to start e.g. a plan, the software tools, the images, the creative, and the flow from adverts to wherever…

Trust us, without understanding ALL these pieces, you will NEVER have a successful digital marketing program – its a FACT!

10 Step Process to Implement Digital Marketing

When our company embarked on this journey, one of the things that Robert Durrant (the boss) mandated in our business was to document EVERYTHING that we did.

Because we did this, we are now able to pull all these valuable information and learnings together and provide it to you as a ‘one-stop-doc’.
10 Step Process to Implement Digital Marketing. (That’s the download we TOLD you to grab at the beginning of this article)

This amazing step-by-step guide is a FREE DOWNLOAD and it lists EVERYTHING you need to do within your Digital Marketing project to make it a success… (AND it helps you to get your strategy right first)

Here is all the stuff we have included…

● Building your digital sales & marketing STRATEGY and PLAN…
● Choosing the RIGHT technology e.g. Websites, Social Media & Advertising platforms
● Planning your content and adverts… FREE adverts and swipefiles for core offers and tripwires!
● Designing your sales funnels and sales engagement programs
● Getting the reporting and analysis right…NO MORE wasted money and leaky funnels
● Even includes a GLOSSARY OF TERMS (helps understand the zillion acronyms).

10 Step Digital Marketing Guide [Free Guide]

10 Step Process to Implement Digital Marketing [Free Download]
This amazing step-by-step free guide lists out EVERYTHING you need to do when planning your Digital Marketing project.

This FREE guide contains all our valuable information and learnings and WILL BE your ‘one-stop-doc’ making your project a complete success

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