Brand Strategy Development & Marketing Guide (2)

rev™ 10-Step Brand Strategy Development Guide is your free how-to guide that explains how to develop a brand strategy and tactical marketing plan.

Brand Strategy & Planning is one of the most important elements of your business outside your financial management. Your brand is without a doubt your company’s most valuable asset. A strong brand builds trust and integrity, both crucial elements to turn leads into customers.

WITHOUT a focused sales and marketing strategy, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on lead generation, over the long-term, you WILL NOT have a sustainable sales pipeline.

A brand Identity whether it’s a company, product or service is best understood as your reputation, and it’s visibility in the marketplace. The strength of your brand can be measured as Reputation X Visibility.
e.g. Brand Strength = Your reputation multiplied by Your visibility in the marketplace.

So where do you start?

Well BEFORE you start wasting time and money on sales, marketing or online advertising, you MUST build your brand strategy, and a strategic marketing plan first!

Build branded solutions NOT branded products

A constant problem for brand marketers is that they define their business brand, identity and message to support what you sell.

Claim your position; consumers purchase for varying reasons, so sure that you understand your target market and their problems or challenges BEFORE you start running out promoting something that people don’t want.

An example of this is how people purchase motor vehicles. Did you know that the strongest purchase decision factor is how a car looks and NOT what features it has? It’s a good lesson on how you market and sell your products.

It’s crucial to identify at the start:
● Who your CUSTOMER or target market is
● The PROBLEMS they face
● The VALUE you provide by supplying a product or service.

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This step-by-step guide takes you through all the sections mentioned below to help you create your own brand identity and story.

De-commodifying your product or service

Learn how to de-commodify your product. Create something that is unique of will differentiate your offer from others. Take Nespresso as an example. They don’t sell coffee; they sell an entire home entertainment experience?

Talk to us about ways that you can package or bundle your offer into something unique that your customers will love.

Building your brand strategy and plan

To begin your brand strategy development, we recommend that you break the process into the following phases
(don’t worry, we also have a download guide available)

Phase One: creating a brand strategy and having this aligned with your business goals and objectives.
● Define your business strategy (goals and objectives)
● Define your customer
● Research your target market
● Develop your brand positioning
● Develop your brand messaging strategy
● Develop marketing objectives
● Develop your content marketing strategy and objectives
● Build your sales toolkits.

Phase Two: develop all the tools you will need to support the marketing and communications of the brand.
● Plan your infrastructure and technology requirements

Phase Three: refining, adjusting and strengthening your brand strategy and plan.
● Implement, measure, track and refine

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DOWNLOAD the 10-Step Brand Strategy Development Guide.
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