Online Advertising IS NOT Digital Marketing

Online Advertising IS NOT Digital Marketing!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you’re doing some advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook or Twitter that it means you have a Digital Marketing strategy?

IT DOESN’T, and you REALLY need to know why!

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency, the biggest challenge we face is educating people on the difference between Online Advertising and Digital Marketing. Suddenly it becomes a light bulb moment for our clients when they finally do understand this difference. It’s at this point when marketing becomes a whole lot more strategic, automated, and also VERY cost-effective.

We do understand that for any business, their priority is to get sales in the door!

However, their plan always results in creating some really cool looking advertisements which they post ad-hoc, without any strategy or plan to support it?

Want to know what their results will be? (Yes, it’s the same outcomes)
• They get a bunch of likes and re-tweets (no $ROI here, but it’s a little interesting)
• They get all excited about the interaction they receive to their ads (no $ ROI here, but kinda fun for a while)
• They get a bill for the advertising (now they question the ROI, and what went wrong?)

Creating and placing digital adverts has been made SO SIMPLE via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, Bing, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The challenge always comes back to understanding HOW your advertising links back to your overall sales and marketing strategy.

Do you just want to place adverts that will become tomorrow’s fish & chip wrapping?
Or do you want to implement an interactive and engaging buyer experience for your leads, then track and remarket to them across the Internet?

The VALUE of changing your priorities from short-term advertising goals, to a more strategic digital program with focused campaigns, will very quickly expedite the returns from your digital marketing investment.

It will also build for your business an ongoing sales lead funnel that is simple, low cost, and very effective (and costs very little to implement).

Some real-life examples of what companies are doing today.

Scenario 1: (Online Advertising)
“Our company created an advert about the types of products and services our company offers, we posted this online with a message of “click to visit our website or call us”. We waited patiently for people to click or call us. In the end, we measured if anyone called us (we don’t know who clicked through to the website) and then we paid our online advertising invoice.”

*This investment gave you no way to measure the effectiveness of the campaign, nor track and retarget visitors.

Scenario 2: (Digital Marketing)
“Our company spent time to plan out a particular offer. We defined who our target buyer would be and the problems we could solve for them. We built a range of adverts AND blog content that met our offer/buyer requirements. We posted the adverts and content on various platforms (applicable to the targeted buyer) which encouraged people to visit our website to learn more, or access free help tools and downloads. People subscribed to the free tools and registered within our email marketing database for ongoing alternative sales offers/engagements. We used these sales offers as trip-wires to convert leads to customers or up/cross-sell opportunities.

For the traffic/visitors who didn’t subscribe, we would have already applied a digital pixel (cookie) to them which allows us to profile and remarket to them with alternative content and sales offers which are more applicable. We then nurtured this audience over time with different content thus building brand trust and rapport. They eventually subscribed and then converted from a lead to customer.”

These are the returns you expect from Scenario 2 (and for that single effort)
• Traffic converted into $ (sales)
• New leads who subscribe to your email marketing program for other sales offers
• Traffic (unknown leads) which can be remarketed to across a number of digital platforms
• A focused end-to-end digital campaign which can be enhanced and replicated.

Digital Marketing can turn a short-term spasmodic advertising investment into an interactive and engaging buyer journey. As a subject matter expert, your Digital Marketing campaign will ensure that potential buyers (leads) have gained trust and rapport with your brand, the key criteria within a purchase process.

The VALUE of changing your priority from this short-term advertising goal, to a more strategic digital program with focused campaigns, will very quickly expedite the returns from your marketing investment. You WILL achieve;

1. Brand integrity, trust, and rapport. Plan your buyer journey with a combination of helpful, educational and value-adding content that builds a loyal community
2. More structured and controlled sales and marketing program that will continue to grow, adapt to changes quickly and also deliver very measurable results
3. Better quality leads targeting by using the advanced search and filtering tools (location, job title, interests, age, business, industry, Internet behaviours, etc.)
4. Sustainable and automated sales program (sales funnel) that organically attracts leads and automates the qualification process using digital workflow tools
5. Better return on your marketing spend! Rather than paying for an advert hoping someone will call, using a structured digital process allows you to track interested leads and remarket to these over time – better returns for your initial investment.

Ready to Change?

Your Digital Marketing AND Online Advertising program MUST incorporate the following;

1. Strategy and Planning: define what it is you are trying to achieve before you create and post adverts. How to build a KILLER sales plan [Learn How].

2. Deploy your digital technology to support the program: it’s important that your website, tracking pixels, advertising platforms, email subscription tools, all support Digital Marketing DOWNLOAD our 10 Step Process to Implement Digital Marketing.

3. Create your adverts and content: build your articles, blog content, Facebook posts, adverts, images, free tools/giveaways. Learn More about Quality Branded Content

4. Get the right people trained: ask us about our free Webinar called The BEST and ONLY Way to Use Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter Advertising, and also our Outsourced Digital Marketing Service [Learn More].

If you believe that your company DOES NOT support the above Digital Marketing process correctly, you need to STOP wasting more money on advertising RIGHT NOW!

• Stop burning your advertising money
• Stop wasting your time building adverts that are only short-term-focused
• Stop annoying, or worse, losing any potential customers from bad advertising.

Digital Marketing doesn’t just stop here!
Have you ever been searching on the Internet, and suddenly noticed some adverts from a company who you recently visited their website? This is a technique called pixel tracking and remarketing. Just one of the techniques that are available through a structured Digital Marketing program.

Did you know?

You can publish content directly to potential buyer’s news feeds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn?

Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are now the largest and most active databases in the world. You have the ability to publish content and adverts to potential buyers using very detailed search and filtering criteria.

Advanced targeting allows you to search and find the buyers that you wish to publish digital content/advertising?

Audience Targeting provides an advanced search and filtering tool that allows buyer targeting according to their location, job title, interests, age, business, industry, Internet behaviours, and even who is searching for your competitors?

You can also create “search-based targeting” or dynamic adverts that allow you to present content to people using the internet to search for a specific result e.g. when they search for flights, you can present display advertisements or banners offering travel insurance?

Continue to “track and nurture” the people who read or click on your digital content?
Digital Marketing Pixels allow you to track people who visit specific pages on the Internet including Facebook, Instagram, Google and Bing searches or, of course, your website. Pixels allow you to then track and present web content (adverts and content) to these people while they are using the Internet and social media platforms (also known at remarketing).

Remarketing can automate the presentation of sales advertising to your buyers, based on their actions across your digital content!
Once you have applied a tracking pixel, you can then design, build, and publish other digital marketing campaigns specifically to this audience. By tracking visitors and creating an audience, it then allows you to track and present different campaign offers thus allowing you to up/down and also cross-sell and ultimately grow the value of this audience from your initial outlay.

Create custom audiences using your existing email lists, then publish your content to them whenever they use the Internet!
Google Customer Matching and Facebook Lookalike Audiences provide an amazing way for you to link your existing database list (your email list) to your digital marketing campaigns. Target and present your online advertising and remarketing programs to people who already know and trust in your brand.

Digital Sales Funnels automate your sales work while you’re asleep!
We all know sales funnels as a process used to target and convert leads. In the digital age, they are now automated workflow systems that allow you to build content and schedule the delivery of it to your prospects BUT also trigger action-based outcomes. As leads subscribe, register or purchase, you can trigger additional offers (upsell) automatically.

Custom Conversions can tell you WHO is doing WHAT on your website?
Custom conversions are used to track specific actions that people take on your website e.g. if a visitor registers for something or they visit a page and use these custom conversion pixels to optimise, track and further analyse their behaviour to create more targeted (reminder) advertising (e.g. if they abandoned at the shopping cart).

Learn to create an automated marketing and sales system for your business brand?

Learn how to implement an Automated Sales Lead Generation process for your business [Learn More].

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