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Digital Customer Experience & Journey

What is a Digital Customer Experience & Journey AND how you can use this to leverage your Digital Marketing and eCommerce Results?

Digital Customer Experience (CX) is set to be the number one brand differentiator in 2020 (and beyond) for any company who is implementing an omnichannel marketing and sales program.

As the Internet becomes more entwined with everything we do, marketers need a robust and aggressive online marketing strategy to keep their brand visible.

Traditionally, Digital Marketing would form the core component for any lead generation and business marketing program.

Today’s shopper has awoken to the ‘marketing tricks’ traditionally used within social media marketing and avoid the clickbait scams or ‘free e-book’ download campaigns.

Research clearly shows that we have entered a digital age where your customers are looking for more personalised and contextual driven experience with trusted brands, rather than just free offers or clickbait promotions.

74% of senior executives believe that digital customer experiences impact the willingness of a customer to purchase and remain a loyal advocate.

What is a Digital Customer Experience & Journey

Digital Customer Experience & Journey is the online interactions and the logical flow that your customers take from the initial research of your brand/offer, through to making a final purchase

It’s the matrix of the digital touchpoints between your online brand and your customers.

This matrix builds an information profile about your customer which then allows you to optimise their journey by providing a personalised, educational and interactive ‘customer experience’.

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on advertising, if the experience and journey aren’t right, your leads will simply disappear!

Do you stop your digital marketing?
NO – you don’t!

Digital Marketing still plays an important part in your lead generation process, HOWEVER, without a well-designed and constructed Digital Customer Experience & Journey will simply result in wasted advertising budgets and less than average results.

Why Create a Customer Experience and Journey?

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of shopping interactions will be influenced by online activity either by a website or mobile devices.

Having a poorly designed or confusing customer flow across your digital marketing campaigns to websites to page content is NO DIFFERENT to having customers inside your retail store, but they can’t find the items they want to purchase? 

To avoid frustrating customers, diminishing their lifetime value, or driving them to your competitors due to poor digital experiences, businesses MUST NOW be focusing on digital experience strategy and planning.

How to create a Digital Customer Experience

Know who your customers are and the challenges they face.
It’s important that you understand who your buyer is and the type of problems they face. Know this, and you can more easily create a solution that represents real value.

Creating value-add customer solutions.
Solve your customer’s problems by creating VALUE solutions. Your customers want to see how their world will be better by choosing your solution. Support the sales process with tailored sales toolkits, customised marketing messages, and targeted digital campaigns.

Understanding how your online customer traffic will be generated.
You will be driving traffic to your business website. By building profiles of your typical customer will help you to define where your campaigns will be focused e.g. Facebook, Google AdWords, Instagram, email marketing, or events or seminars etc.

Map your customer’s purchase decision process to your online digital journey.
Personalised shopping experiences allow you to present relevant content or choices to your customers which will drive actions. You need to pre-empt these online steps and guide them from research and learning stage through to purchase.

Determine the best way to represent this in a digital environment.
It’s essential that you understand how your buyers’ research and purchase products or services like yours. Your lead generation campaigns and website landing pages should be designed in a way that they accommodate this process and the specific information required to drive actions.

Understanding the digital tools that are available.
There is a myriad of amazing digital technology available. Don’t think that one product will answer all your needs (it won’t). Instead of trying to work this out yourself, work with digital transformation agencies (like us) who have experience across many of the emerging digital software vendors. Having a quality website, social media presence, and a database or CRM is obviously the FIRST step.

Think about the lifecycle of your customer.
Don’t just plan for today’s lead generation. You also need to think about the long-term lifecycle of your customer. Consider how you will manage the ongoing communications and updates, account management, up and cross-selling opportunities. Quality CRM and eMail workflow automation can take a lot of hard work (and cost) out of these tasks.

Need help getting started?

rev™ Branding is a specialist digital brand agency helping companies to develop and market their brand to drive sales and growth opportunities.

For over 20+ years, we’ve been optimising digital experiences and developing high-performance brand campaigns which are strategic, creative, and connect with your online audience to inspire actions.

As more and more companies begin to explore their hyper-targeted digital marketing journey, rev™ Branding is there to show them how to correctly plan and invest in personalised and contextual digital marketing and sales engagement programs.

rev™ is a digital brand transformation agency and support clients with solutions for Digital Customers Experience, Digital Channel Marketing, Omnichannel Commerce, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Assisted Technology, and Workflow Management.

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