Post-Coronavirus Shutdown Business Recovery Action Plan

How to kick-start your business recovery post the Coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown using our Business Recovery Action Plan.

The way you do business has changed forever!

Sure, we will return to some level of normality, but in reality, the way that we’ve adapted how our businesses will probably remain in place as we move forward.

As we emerge from our hibernation post the Coronavirus shutdown, it’s CRITICAL that you plan for your business kick-start recovery early!

The key to your business recovery plan is to NOT PANIC or rush into marketing and sales decisions.

We empathise that your business is probably low on cash, your supply chain needs resuscitation, and your customers are probably feeling very cautious about what lies ahead.

However, it’s imperative that you DON’T rush into making business decisions that might end up costing you more down the path e.g. discounting or cutting corners in your normal business process JUST to get sales through the door.

It’s CRUCIAL that you take the time to plan and prepare your business for the post-coronavirus economy during the next 6-months, and then the 6-months after that; steady she goes!

By taking the time to plan out your messaging and customer promotions correctly, ultimately you will win the confidence, trust, and loyalty of your customers forever (more valuable than a quick sale).

Post COVID-19 Business Recovery Action Plan

Use our Post-Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Recovery Action Plan to kick-start your business recovery. We’ve put together a range of things that you can do that will ensure that your business recovery is fast and also sustainable over the longer-term.

Put together a Business Recovery Strategy and Tactical Plan FIRST!

Use this information to document the changes that will be needed for your business, and also the possible improvements.

Engage a Business Mentor

Choose a business mentor who specialises in business marketing and sales who can work with you to build a plan and execute the tasks quickly so you can see rapid results!

Get your Finances in Order

Look at what Government grants and support packages are available.
If you have cash flow issues, work with your vendors to agree on payment terms or even terms like selling on consignment? 
Be transparent with your employees and also be honest in your communications about your financial situation.  This builds trust, credibility and also confidence within your team.

Create a Safe Environment for Staff

Make sure that your business can cater to the back-to-work order.
Ensure that you’ve planned for your cleaning and hygiene requirements of staff and customers.  Create some policies to support social distancing, meetings, travel, Flu Shots, use of COVIDSafe Apps etc.

Think about your staff’s Mental Health needs

Don’t underestimate the mental health needs of your employees.
Not everyone will come back to work the same as they left. There are many people who are suffering from anxiety and frightened of being in groups. Think about what support you can provide or changes to the way they work that might help?

Start to Re-Build your Team

Begin the process with some team-building exercises that will reconnect and motivate the group.
Look at the various training options that are available, many are being funded by the Government.
Re-invigorate your sales teams by creating a sales toolkit and design sales campaigns.

Implement Change Management

There will be parts of your business that may never recover, and you may choose to abandon these?
If so, think about the impact it may have on your employees and implement any change management tasks that might help them to transition e.g. changes to roles, redundancies, training, and process documentation.

Review your Business Processes

Take some time to look at the changes you had to make to your business during the Coronavirus shutdown.
Think about what processes may have resulted in improvements and possible should be kept in place? e.g. digital delivery of sales, training and support services.

Resuscitate your Supply Chain

Work with your suppliers and vendors to get your stock supplies back on track.
Think about what products should be fast-tracked to hook into your immediate marketing and sales goals and supporting campaigns or promotions.

Communicate to the World that you’re “Open for Business”

Create your first marketing communication promoting that you are back open for business.
Send this to your customers via an email campaign and post it on your website and social media pages. Make sure you list any changes that might impact them e.g. reduced hours or services etc.  

Reboot your Marketing

Break down your marketing and promotional calendar to a 6-months block.
Re-think the brand message you need to send, PLUS consider the sales offer that its right for this moment. Re-start marketing by resuming any of your scheduled digital marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google AdWords, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Think about a Brand Refresh

Could be nice to start the next period with a brand refresh and an updated brand message?
Sometimes its good to put a line in the sand and bounce back with a new brand design.

Update your Marketing Content

Update your website and social media content by removing the words Coronavirus and COVID-19 from your content. Update your social media and websites with more current information that’s not reminding people of the negative Coronavirus period and tough times. Work on a positive spin!

Create an Events Plan

Think about how you can start to move your event plans and audiences from online, back to one-on-one sessions, then to small seminars, then finally back to large conference events or networking sessions.
You should also consider NOT moving them offline if your digital event results have been good.
Read how you can create some amazing digital brand experiences using unconventional marketing.

Re-Engage your VIP Customers, Suppliers, and Alliance Partners

Make an effort to engage with your VIP customers and business connections.
provide them with a personalised update on your business services and its trading hours. Enquire how you might be able to help them or potentially work together more to help each other?

Create your Sales Plan

Work with your sales team to build a 6-12 month plan. 
Design sales lead generation campaigns that are suitable for the current financial environment and trading restrictions that are in place. Craft some personalised sales messages and build these into your post-coronavirus staff sales kit and campaigns. Remember to show empathy and build trust.

Build Alliance Partner Sales Campaigns and Offers

Collaborate with your suppliers and alliance partners to create a series of joint sales offers and marketing / promotional campaigns. Work together on special pricing deals and offers to help convert excess stock into $ sales.

Get your Physical and Mental Health in Order

If you are tired, stressed and concerned about your business; boost your mental health.
It’s impossible to undertake such a huge recovery project AND lead your team if your own health and well-being aren’t under control. Plan things out, get plenty of rest, eat well, exercise regularly, stay focused AND get the support of a Business Mentor.

Transform your Business for Long-Term Success!

The last 6-months dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic has probably highlighted the fact that your business needs to be more flexible and resilient. Rather than just being shocked by an unprecedented disruption to your business, now is the time to think outside of the box and remove any weak links or gaps in your business. Plan out all the things that you can do better or perhaps want to change?

1. Engage a business mentor or digital transformation agency to help you embrace the change and design a phased implementation program.
2. Tap into the many free training and education resources that are available.
3. Take note of any Government funding that comes available specifically for tasks like this.

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