Business Marketing Completed in 30 days!

Business Marketing LIVE in 30 Days!

Business Marketing in a Box is a prepackaged marketing program best suited for businesses who struggle with time and having trained marketing resources.

Your Business Marketing LIVE within 30 days!

Are you a small business wanting to launch marketing and sales campaigns quickly?

Do you struggle to find time and trained resources to manage your business marketing?

To create a successful business marketing and sales program can take a considerable amount of time and effort. Even for the most experienced marketer, it takes skills and experience to create engaging and effective marketing campaigns.

rev™ Branding has removed all the hard work and risk by creating an all-in-one business marketing program. We’ve packed the Business Marketing Box with the essential marketing elements.

rev™ Business Marketing Box

Brand message and positioning
Marketing strategy and tactical plan
Defining your target audience
Marketing message and sales offer and hooks
Creation of images/graphics and marketing content
Design of advertisements (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google)
Creation of marketing budget and advertising expense forecasts
Design of your lead generation landing page (websites pages and content)
Define your engagement actions e.g. Purchase, Registration, Download etc
Building lead sales funnel (email database with automation)
Creation of your brand experience & journey (incl 2 x website blogs or downloads).

Why rev Business Marketing Box works!

1. We ensure that your brand message, offer and positioning matches your target audience
2. All the essential marketing elements together will ensure your marketing works
3. All the essential marketing elements are packaged for you to self-manage future campaigns
4. rev™ Branding has extensive experience in digital brand marketing boasting leading brand clients
5. We’ll have your business marketing up and running in 30-days!

How to use the rev Business Marketing Box

rev Business Marketing Box is your go-to-market business marketing program. Incorporating ALL 10 marketing elements mentioned above into a single flat-fee brand marketing service.

IN JUST 7-days, we’ll have your marketing plan documented.
IN JUST 20-days, we’ll have all the marketing messages, content, adverts and systems in place.
IN JUST 30-days, we’ll have a live hyper-targeted brand campaign that will engage, educate, and inspire your audience to take actions that turn them into customers.

For a TOTAL cost of $5,495 +gst
PLUS, we’ll also include 6-months of marketing mentoring valued at $1,700 to keep you focused and on track.

If you need help with your business marketing or just seeking some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 9863-7444 or [email protected]