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Why a Brand Refresh is SO Important to your Business!

A Brand Refresh is CRITICAL to maintaining market relevance, but when is the best time to kick-start a branding project?

It’s inevitable, that as your business grows, the market changes, your buyer’s shopping habits evolve, your brand needs to adapt!

Major global brands such as Uber, Apple Music, Airbnb, and Netflix are constantly refreshing their brand identity and marketing programs to remain ‘top of mind’ in the eyes of consumers.

A brand refresh is crucial to staying relevant in a competitive market, but how do you know when you need one?

“If you haven’t updated your brand identity, message, or value offer in the last 12-months, your business marketing is already yesterday’s fish and chip wrapping.”

The most common indicator that your brand needs to be updated is age!

It’s common for companies to begin their life with an amazing brand, logo, and sales pitch, but they forget that their brand needs to be maintained and refreshed over time (just like marketing campaigns).

Top Reasons for a Brand Refresh 

Change in Leadership or Ownership

If you’re purchasing an existing business OR perhaps taking over the management of one, it’s essential to identify any reputation issues you may need to resolve quickly?

Depending on its brand reputation, It can often be a good idea to rebrand the business or implement a ‘change of management’ communications plan to informing your staff and customers about the positive changes you’re implementing.  

Implementing a brand refresh can help you to communicate:

New leadership or vision for the company.
Your reinvigoration plans to grow the business.
A commitment to customer service levels.
And to reinforce business consistency. 

Change in Business Direction or Offer

To stay ahead of your competitors and in front of new industry trends, businesses must continually re-invent themselves and refresh their products and service offer.  Adapt or die!

There can be various reasons that your business needs to update its brand identity and marketing strategy.

Targeting new markets.
Changing its mix of products and services.
Optimising its marketing and sales programs.
Implementing a set of brand values (social cause).
Initiating an expansion and growth phase.

Competitive Pressures

Its enevitable that at some stage your business will experience competitor pressure, e.g. company acquisitions, product innovation, or simply some innovative marketing.

If your business is starting to feel this market pressure, perhaps it’s a good idea to consider a brand and sales offer refresh? 

Implementing a brand refresh with a repositioned sales offer and strategic marketing program can dramatically improve your sales results and customer re-engagement.

Doing nothing or maintaining the status quo may result in your competitors dominating the market, leaving your brand stagnant (or forgotten).  

Work with a brand agency to review your brand, identity, sales offer, target customers, value statements and solution bundles. 

Industry Changes & Advancements

There are numerous examples of market disruption where technology and innovation can radically change the way people research and purchase.  

We’ve seen in the travel industry, where Airbnb changed the way people book their accommodation. Another example is how global brands like Uber and Uber Eats revolutionised public transport and home-delivered food.

Your market will inevitably evolve and change. 

To this end, your business must be agile in its operations to keep up with these changes (or potentially lead them).

Brand Development and Marketing Programs can help you analyse the market, design new sales offers, and reposition your brand marketing messages.

The internet and the rapid adoption of eCommerce has changed the retail landscape and how people research and shop for products and services.  

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok have had a HUGE influence on how brands interact with their online audiences.  

Omnichannel commerce enables shoppers to research on one platform but complete their purchase on another, e.g. Facebook Shop, Google Shop, Retailer Websites, and eMarketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

eCommerce Marketing also presents its own level of complexity!
How does your audience perceive your brand? Do they think it’s trustworthy? Does it align with their social values? Or is it ecofriendly?

Developing your brand strategy and tactics allows you to tackle these concerns and connect with your shopper. Working with a brand agencies can help you to develop and communicate…

Brand Trust.
Social Proof.
Brand Values.
Brand Loyalty.

Declining Marketing Results

Are your marketing results declining?
Are your digital advertising costs increasing, but your sales enquiries reducing?

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on marketing; if your brand message and sales offer aren’t correct, you’re throwing money into the bin.

It’s crucial to match your sales offer and brand marketing message to the needs of your target audience. It is also vital to ensure that your marketing is targeted towards customers you actually want.

Over time, your target customer and their needs will change.

Its important that your branding, marketing, and sales offer also change to remain relevant.

Rebranding WORKS!

Whether its a complete rebrand, or an update to your brand message or brand strategy. It’s proven that a brand refresh can significantly improve your marketing results and the value of your brand.

Benefits of Rebranding

Uncover your true brand identity.
Reposition your brand in the marketplace.
Improve your marketing effectiveness.
Become more resilient to market disruption.
Keep in the forefront of your customer’s needs.
Increase the value of your business brand.

When is the right time for a Rebranding?

The most common sign is a decline in new business!

Other common factors are:

Marketing campaigns become less effective.
Customers start shopping elswhere.
Competitors marketing becomes more noticeable.
People want what you’re not selling.

Like most companies, we can get easily absorbed in the day-to-day business tasks and forget the golden rule of ‘working on the business, not just in it’.  

Not all rebranding projects result in a whole new look and feel.

In many situations, it doesn’t need to change radically; it just needs a bit of a makeover.

You may just require some new messaging, positioning, and your brand story polished?  If you’re struggling to compete, it could require more focuse towards your brand strategy and marketing tactics.

Regardless of your needs, rev™ Branding can help you!

Ready to Kick-Start your Brand Refresh?

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