Amazon Retail Development Services

Amazon Retail Development Services

Is your business Amazon Ready?
Amazon is now operating in Australia. WHAT does it mean for your retail business?
HAVE YOU planned for this change?

Amazon will only will it take a huge market share from eBay, but it’s also expected to have a positive and negative impact on Australian retail. Amazon traditionally dominates the electronics, toys, books and entertainment (CD’s) segment.

Locally here in Australia, and with proven results already from Aldi and Costco, we expect food and liquor to also be on their radar.

Research from Nielsen has already revealed that 75 percent of Australians aged over 18 are interested in purchasing from Amazon’s Australian website, with 56 percent likely to buy.

The media is also quoting that Amazon sales could reach $3.5-4 billion in revenue with the inclusion of Australia (14 per cent of all online sales and 1.1 percent of all Australian retailing).

Amazon Positives:

Australian businesses SHOULD already be capitalising in omnichannel commerce e.g, selling through channels or marketplaces like eBay, Google Shop. Amazon instantly provides you access to a HUGE market.

Amazon not only handles the front-end sales, but it also handles all the warehouse, distribution and logistical tasks on your behalf (First warehouse looks to be located in Dandenong Victoria).

Amazon gives your business access to over 244 million members instantly (110 million active buyers).

Amazon provides its customers with an optimised eCommerce shopping experience.

Amazon Negatives:

Amazon brings to Australian shoppers, easy access to global retailers.

Your customers are already comfortable with shopping online and within global marketplaces e.g. eBay.
Amazon marketing and ‘buzz’ will cause a massive shake-up sales in Australia.

Retailers that use Amazon get slugged with costs to use their distribution service.

How do you compete with Amazon?

STOP just looking at Amazon as your competition. You SHOULD be looking at it more as an opportunity to?

1. Review and enhance the way you market, sell and support your existing loyal customers.

2. Australian retailers SHOULD already support multiple sales channels, e.g. bricks and mortar, website eCommerce store, Google Shop, marketplaces such as eBay. Adding Amazon to your sales channel will boost your access to global markets (and new local shoppers).

How to become ‘Amazon Ready.’

Build your Amazon Strategy and Plan Now!
Before Christmas 2017, Amazon should have a presence here in Australia. Utilise this time NOW to think about all the points we discuss below to build both an Amazon Strategy, but also a new Killer Sales Plan [Learn More] for your business.

Create loyalty with your existing customers
Understand who your customers and are and what they want. Build programs within your business to support that e.g. offers, promotions, shopping experiences, online tools, loyalty programs and rewards. Use digital marketing to build these automates marketing flows for your business.
Building an Automated Digital Sales Program [Show Me]

Refine your unique selling proposition or niche
Customer demand trust and integrity from businesses brands. No matter how much money you spend marketing a product, if they don’t trust you, they don’t buy from you. Build your Brand Strategy around your niche, then tailor your marketing message, education, and brand awareness to this.
Brand Strategy Development Guide [Download]

Provide better ways to shop
Do you understand how your customers shop? Are they happy to come into your store, or would they prefer an online eCommerce site or mobile app? Over 70% of Australian consumers’ research and shop using their smartphones and tablets. How do you support this?
Learn about selling online using eCommerce [Learn More].

Shoppers want an experience, and also an educational journey
Consumers today crave an experience when they are shopping. For bricks and mortar retailers, this is GOLD (Book stores with cafes within them). What is the experience or uniqueness with your business, and how do you take this also into the online e-commerce space?
On-line and Off-line Sales Engagement Programs [Learn More]

Contract an agency to ramp-up your Social Media and Digital Marketing
Social Media & Digital Marketing allow you very low-cost and effective ways to market and sell to new or even existing customers. It’s ESSENTIAL to winning the Amazon marketing war by doing this, and doing it well!
Social Media & Digital Marketing Services [Learn More]

Promote local
Something Amazon can’t do, is take away the ‘local’ from your business brand. By implementing programs such as click and collect or local rewards, you are offering a service that can’t be copied by online marketplaces.
Build this into your Sales Training and Plan [Learn How].

Promote global
Just as important, is capitalising on the global shopping opportunity that Amazon presents. Amazon opens up YOUR sales channel to shoppers all over the world. Your sales and marketing strategy SHOULD INCLUDE multiple sales channels such as eBay, Amazon, Google Shop, Facebook Store, Online shopping carts.

Speak to us about how to make this possible. How to sell using eCommerce Marketplaces [Learn More].

Your tasks to become Amazon Ready!

1. Understand Amazon, and learn how their platform operates. Think about how this will challenge or even benefit your business. Learn More about Amazon [Click Here]

2. Get the Amazon strategy right FIRST! Spend time NOW to think about your Killer Sales Strategy, and build a plan to use the next 6-months to make it all happen. Marketplace Solutions [Learn More]

3. Build your customer loyalty and marketing programs to create brand loyalty. How to Build a Brand Marketing Strategy [Download Guide]

4. Get your Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy [Learn How] working.

5. Get your Website Updated and Promoted. [Learn How]

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