Sales Review and Planning Workshops

Sales in the Door BEFORE Santa Does!

rev™ Sales Review Workshops provide the essential review and improvement forum with recommendations to produce RAPID sales results!

What plans do you have in place to generate sales for the next year?

As the year draws to the end, you have very limited ‘genuine sales time’ to close any of those HOT opportunities which have been sitting in your sales pipeline.

The run-up to the end of the year is a crucial period for you to STOP, PLAN, and COMMUNICATE your end-of-year sales objectives with your sales, business development, and account management teams!

Spring Racing Carnival and the AFL and NFL Grand Final have ALWAYS been our triggers to kick-start the end-of-year sales program. This is the period when I rally up the troops across all our divisions and work through these four steps;

Step 1. Identifying the HOT opportunities that you feel could close this year, and FOCUS your efforts to convert them.

Step 2. Book meetings and NURTURE any WARM opportunities as this will shorten the sales cycle for next year
(it’s also super important to get into their budget cycle).

Step 3. Build your marketing and sales campaigns. We kick-start our educational engagement programs NOW to target NEW BUSINESS. This builds the base of our new business for Q2 and Q3 next year (shortening the sales cycle).

Step 4. Organise some sales training and coaching. It’s always great for the team to have a sales refresher. These sessions are used to provide inspiration and workshop some great ideas that we can include within our sales toolkits.

Need some help?

Finding the time to plan and implement a marketing and sales program can be a challenge for any sized business. Having an external company to review and provide recommendations to enhance your current program can have ENORMOUS benefits.

For this reason, our sales development team at rev™ Branding developed our Sales Review Workshop.

Sales Review Workshops cost $495 +gst and provide you with an essential review and improvement forum.

Sessions produce a documented list of recommendations and actions that can be implemented immediately to produce RAPID sales results!

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