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How to Increase Online Sales

20 things you can do to increase online sales. Learn our best tips and recommendations on how you can improve your online store sales and boost eCommerce results.

eCommerce and online sales are BOOMING!

With an increasing demand for online purchasing, more and more businesses are now supporting an e-Commerce program in parallel with their traditional brick and mortar stores.

Analysts show more than 60% of people are shopping online from the comfort of their home. These figures are constantly increasing.

eCommerce has revolutionised the way companies are now doing business.

Shoppers can purchase almost anything online 24×7, AND receive an amazing digital shopping experience.

There has NEVER been a more important time for businesses to have an online shopping store and a functional e-Commerce program.

How to Increase Online Sales and grow your eCommerce

Whether you have an established business selling products online, or you are just beginning the eCommerce journey, we’ve created a comprehensive list of things you can do to increase your online sales and optimise your online shopping conversion rate.

5 key factors that influence online sales:

• SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
• Brand message, offer and range
• Marketing campaigns
• Online Store shopping experience and functionality
• Customer loyalty programs and remarketing.

Every business with online shopping stores need to constantly make changes to improve their eCommerce performance. Updating your online store improves the customer shopping experience, which encourages return sales.

We have provided 20 different ways that you can enhance your eCommerce store.
Remember, there’s no one easy fix – rather, it’s the result of many small things that will add up over time to optimise your eCommerce sales.

20 ways to increase your online sales

1. Build a unique, searchable descriptions for each products and services to increase your SEO.

2. Build your online customers reviews. Ask your customers to leave a review of the product they purchased or experience with your business.

3. Implement a simple to use and a familiar payment gateway. e.g. WooCommerce, Shopify, PayPal. Square etc all help to build trust and increase sales conversions.

4. Build up and cross-sell functionality. Plug-in shopping cart modules can provide an optional add-on sale opportunity, e.g. related products or solution recommendations.

5. Page layout and design. Initiative design to improve the digital customer experience. Many people abandon their purchase because they are uncomfortable or confused about the site’s navigation or flow.

6. Use page analytical tools like Google Analytics, Mouseflow or Crazy Egg to measure your eCommerce pages (click rate, scrolling, time on page).

7. Build up your product reviews. Use videos, testimonials, free trials or demonstrations, these all help increase the trust in your brand and the overall sales conversion rate.

8. Manage your inventory and out of stocks. Monitor customer orders and deliveries to ensure that you can fill orders on time. Implement a synchronised inventory system that links in real-time with your eCommerce platform.

9. Monitor your website performance. For every second it takes your page to load, you lose them. Work with your website developer or use your Google analytical tools to optimise web page performance. Optimise your product content constantly.

10. Build a blog or a customer newsletter. Use this to talk about your product range, discounts and to promote upcoming special offers or new product ranges.

11. Think about value-added offers. Perhaps offer a money-back guarantee, free postage or special delivery service options? (put something nice in the parcel for your customers)

12. Build a reputable brand. Take the time to build your brand identity and message. Ensure people trust who they’re buying from. Build trust with focused brand profiles, customer reviews, certifications, logos, street address, and REAL support contact details.

13. Manage your social media accounts. Keep abreast of customer complaints or people offering praise. Learn how to engage and interact with your online audience a social media and PR specialist.

14. Analyse your customer experience and journey. Use in-depth analysis from Google Analytics to monitor the performance and understand your digital shopper experience & journey and purchase decision process. Think about split test tools to understand page performance.

15. Invest in digital marketing tools and campaigns. Tools like Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram (even TikTok) allows you to target your marketing at a focused audience. Understand how to use digital marketing pixels and remarketing to re-engage people who abandoned their purchase at the checkout.

16. Work with affiliate marketing or trading partners. Companies like, Black Friday Sales, and eBay all have an established loyal database and successful email marketing programs that can quickly drive traffic to your online store.

17. Grow your email subscriptions. Encourage people to sign up for your newsletter or special VIP offer. Be sure to add new customers to your email marketing database (send them a welcome email and offer).

18. Sell your products on eCommerce marketplaces. Expose your products to millions of people who already shop on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Learn how to sell on eCommerce marketplaces.

19. Build a price strategy that works. Understand the market and also your competitors. Incorporate special deals such as 2-for-1 offers, loyalty programs. Think about dynamic pricing modules and maths such as Algorithmic and Velocity Pricing.

20. Engage the services of a specialist digital agency or who provides business growth strategies, digital marketing and sales campaigns. Mentors from these companies can help you to design and implement each of the above steps.

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