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Wix Website Optimisation Service: SEO – Page Display – Google Compliance

Many business owners who use Wix as their preferred website platform face a significant challenge: they lack the time and skills to ensure their Wix website is set up and configured correctly.

Even worse, they may be unaware that their website pages are not displaying correctly across all devices e.g. mobile, tablets and desktop, leading to a poor user experience, lost sales, and erosion of brand loyalty.

rev™ Branding, a leading digital brand agency, knows how important it is to have a professionally optimised website.

As such, we’ve introduced our Wix Website Optimisation Service – specifically for companies who own a Wix Website.

Our team of Wix-accredited experts will conduct a thorough website performance audit, ensuring your website meets compliance with the latest Google standards and displays flawlessly across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

With our expertise in Wix website security, you can trust us to fortify your Wix site against potential threa.

We examine user access and security settings to ensure that your website is protected from unauthorised access. By identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities, it helps to safeguard your website and any senstive customer data.

Our Advanced Wix SEO service takes it a step further by researching and configuring the most appropriate Google search keywords and phrases across your website. Additionally, we fine-tune individual page Meta Tag settings to enhance your site’s visibility in search engine rankings.

With our expertise, your website will not only meet industry standards but also stand out from the competition, driving traffic and enhancing online visibility. Trust us to optimise your site for the best possible online user experience.

Wix Website Optimisation Service Inclusions:

Wix Website Google Audit
Set-Up & Configuration Update
Refresh of Business Info & Website Settings
Website Access Security Audit
Page Display Formatting – Compliance for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop
SEO Page Configuration
Advanced SEO & Page Meta Tags.

Excludes: Creation of page content or images.

Take advantage of our special prepaid rate of just $495.00 +gst.

Information and Bookings

Trust rev™ Branding to optimise your site for the best online user experience.

With our expertise, your website not only meet industry standards but also stands out in search engine rankings, driving traffic and enhancing online visibility.

Invest in our Wix Website Optimisation Service today… Give us a call on +61 3 9863-7444 or [email protected]

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