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Automating Your Marketing Process

Automate your marketing and lead generation process with the use of marketing automation that targets prospects with quality content across social media, email, web, text, and mobile apps.

Does your marketing team spend hours each day manually publishing content across social media, websites, and emails, HOPING customers and prospects might interact?

It’s common for brand marketers to get caught up in the creation process of digital marketing and not realise that there are more efficient ways to manage their marketing.

Today’s shopper interacts with brands across many platforms e.g websites, marketplaces, social media and even in-store. For marketers to meet this consumer-driven demand and reach shoppers across multiple sales channels, their business marketing MUST be able to scale.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows marketers to implement their digital marketing strategy by targeting customers with automated content across email, web, social, app, and even text, without pressing the send button each time.

Also known as Marketing Sales Funnels, the are designed to streamline your marketing processes and integrate seamlessly with your CRM and internal sales processes.

Marketing automation is your secret weapon for lead generation and prospect nurturing, leading the prospect through a seamless path to purchase, triggering actions that are based on schedules and customer behaviour.

Automated your marketing program will not only save time and money, it will free up business resources, and drive more significant revenue and return on advertising spend.

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate.” Beth Comstock.

Benefits of Automating Your Marketing

Streamline your marketing process, allowing you to scale quickly and efficiently to meet growth.

Create ‘connected customers’ using a true multichannel marketing program.

Tailor dynamic content to customers and prospects automatically based on their profile, interest, or campaign activity.

Deliver personalised content to your customers and prospects at each stage of their shopping journey in a format of their choice e.g. email, mobile, social, SMS, app, and web.

Automatically route marketing-qualified leads to your sales team, ensuring no sales opportunities are ignored or lost.

Develop brand trust and loyalty at each stage of the shopping journey by delivering relevant and informative content.

Automate the process of up-sales and cross-sales opportunities.

Remove the ‘gut feel’ associated with marketing campaign results using detailed reporting and having complete visibility of your shopper journey.

Integrate to your CRM and customer marketing applications.

Examples of Marketing Automation

Lead Generation and Nurturing:
Social Media Marketing, Web, eMail Marketing)

Brand marketers will publish a lead-generation campaign across their social media channels. This offer provides something of value e.g. download a whitepaper or register for a webinar.

The prospects click through the social media campaign to the website landing page with a pre-built registration form. As the prospect enters their registration details, these integrate into the back-end CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) application, triggering an eMail nurturing campaign.  

Based on the eMail campaign activity e.g. opens and clicks, the inbuilt reports and notifications identify interested or hot leads for the sales team to engage.

Customer Management:
CRM and eMail Marketing)

Most companies will use a CRM to store customer data. This system will have an inbuilt or an integrated email marketing system, e.g. MailChimp.

As customers are added to the CRM and their profiles are populated correctly, eMail campaigns are automatically published, and actions such as opens and url clicks are recorded and will trigger additional campaign automation.

Inbuilt reports provide sales teams with easy identification of contacts that show interest in specific offers.

Digital Experience & Connected Customers:
Social Media, Website Automation, eMail Marketing)

Marketing campaigns are published across the company’s social media channels. These campaigns are designed to drive traffic to your website.

Websites built with ‘digital experience technology’ can automate the capturing of information about that prospect based on their online activity and interests. The website can then automatically tailor its journey and page content based on their profile information.

Over time, and as the prospect continues to engage with marketing campaigns across social media, eMail, web, SMS, and digital apps, their profile is enriched to allow marketers to send dynamic, tailored content based on their profile, interest, or campaign activity. 

This profile information is then integrated across various back-end marketing and sales automation systems that give the business a single view of all the engagement activity with the prospect or customer and turn them into lifelong loyal brand customers.

Implementing Marketing Automation

Marketing and sales departments use marketing automation platforms for their online marketing campaigns and sales activities to boost personalisation, increase revenue, and maximise efficiency.

Planning and Design Recommendations

Define and document your marketing goals, considering the various business stakeholders and departmental needs.

Collaborate with other teams. Your marketing automation strategy will touch several teams within your company. Get their input and buy-in before you begin.

Use detailed diagrams of your marketing automation workflow to help relay the marketing ‘big-picture’ objectives.

Define your audience. Collaborate with your marketing and sales teams to ensure you have a clear and granular understanding of your target buyer.

Cleanse and prepare your customer master data. For marketing automation to succeed, you need a healthy, current, and detailed customer database.

Build out your content strategy. Begin to define your campaign offers and create content to support your marketing message across the shopper journey.

Choose systems you know and trust. There are numerous software applications available. Speak with people who have experience using those systems.

Review and improve. Don’t worry if things take a while to work. Identify what is working and what’s not and use the analytics to adjust and build trials.

Work with an agency like rev™ Branding, who has a proven experience in digital marketing and can help you to plan, choose systems, implement, and continue to support your marketing team.

“People want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched. Content is anything that adds value to the reader.””  Brian Clark, Founder of Copyblogger 65

Numerous marketing automation software systems are available, e.g., HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Insider, Salesforce, Braze, Marketo, Dynamic 365, SiteCore, and Kontent.AI.

Work with an experienced digital brand agency like rev™ Branding, who can provide impartial advice and help with vendor selection.

Start Creating a Marketing Sales Funnel

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