Must-Do Tasks that make Great Brands

Must-Do Tasks that make GREAT Brands!

Must-Do Tasks that make GREAT Brands! – follow our recommended list of must-do tasks that create a great brand for your products and your business.

GREAT brands don’t just appear overnight. It takes time and dedication to develop a brand that sticks in the mind of your customer.

If brands are designed correctly at the start, you’ll save yourself a lot of pain and wasted money on marketing later.

Do you ever think about your brand?
Do you ever wonder what others think about your brand?
Do you ever think about your competitors?

For many businesses today, the day-to-day management tasks can often overtake the essential branding and marketing aspects required to grow the brand.

If branding is not the FIRST thing on your mind, then take the hint from us that a few simple changes and refinements to your brand identity and message WILL make SIGNIFICANT differences to your marketing and sales leads.

In today’s busy online marketing world, branding has never been so important!

Brands build trust and confidence in the eyes of your buyer. Without a quality and trustworthy brand, you’re back competing on price – a zero-end game, trust me!

If people LOVE your brand, they WILL pay a premium! #Fact

GREAT brands are far more than just a fancy logo and a tagline.
The REAL STRENGTH comes from your brand identity, message and positioning. Get these right, and you will see a huge difference to your digital marketing results.

MUST-DO tasks that will make your brand come alive!

Create your Brand Message and Identity

The best way to start this is to take a step back and think of your brand as a person.

How would you describe that person? Smart, sassy, forward-thinking, worldly?
Come up with 20-40 keywords that you want your brand to stand for.

Next, write down why you created your company. How did you get here? What does the brand mean to you?

Next, think about who your customers are? Who would search and buy a product or service such as yours and why? Also, how do you think they would find you? E.g. Facebook, Magazines etc

Next, focus on the value of your brand. What problems do you solve and what benefit does your brand provide your customers?

Finally, think about the long-term and what you would like your brand to be remembered for? How would your customers feel without your product in their lives?

Amplify your Brand

NOW is the time to promote that message to the world! You’ve already worked out who your customers are, the problems that you solve, and the value you bring to them, let’s take that next step.

Plan out the various marketing messages and campaigns you need to promote.
Then link these campaigns to the specific marketing platforms they are best suited to your audience.

If you are using Facebook, you should be developing educational and engaging campaigns (coffee shop style reading). For Google AdWords, the focus should be more towards solution offers with landing pages focused on lead conversions. For your website, it will be long-form blogs and articles which will BOOST your SEO.

The goal for any digital brand marketer is to develop an audience and take them on an educational and interactive journey that builds trust and positions you as a subject matter expert. Ensure that your brand elements are consistent throughout this journey.

Design your Brand Experience

Today’s consumers expect nothing less than an AMAZING brand experience.

Savvy brand marketers are now focusing on the “customer experience and journey” which in short is the logical flow your customers takes from researching your brand through to making a purchase.

It is ESSENTIAL that you understand this journey, and map out the flow and steps within your lead generation campaigns through to landing pages to content to purchase process. Ensure that this journey it’s simple, logical, engaging, AND personalised.

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