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10 Step Guide to Develop and Communicate your Brand!

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In many situations, business owners or entrepreneurs can be so passionate or close to their idea that they struggle to explain what it is they do?

Branding is key to communicating with your customers what your products and services stand for and the value they offer. Your business, product or personal brand is one of your most valuable assets, so it’s essential that you are keeping your brand top of mind.

Great brands can achieve an:
1. Increase in customer loyalty resulting in return sales
2. Increase in online awareness with effective digital campaigns
2. Increase in your business value (if you choose to sell your business later)
3. Increase in sales AND also profit margins.

How you communicate your brand in an ‘online digital world’ has a major influence in building consumer’s trust and shaping their buying decision.

According to a Nielson survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy products from brands familiar to them, and they trust.

rev™ Brand Marketing is a specialist brand agency who help companies to easily describe, communicate, and market their business to drive sales and growth opportunities.

Top 10 Brand Development and Marketing tips:

1. Define your brand offer and the problems you solve.
The very first step is to define and clearly understand what it is you’re selling and why people would buy it?
Before you can build a brand that your target audience needs (or trusts), you need to understand your audience (target market) and the problems they face.
Use this information to build solutions that meet the needs of your customer and provides them value for money.

2. Competitive analysis and understanding.
You need to understand your competitive landscape.
Build a competitor matrix and learn about each.
Compare your offer and understand why a customer would potentially purchase from them over you.

3. Brand Value
We know how hard it is to compete with those major brands!
There will always be brands with bigger budgets and more resources that lead and shape industries.
Your products, services, and benefits belong solely to you. You have to delve down deep and build a strong offer that is unique to your company.

Focus on how you solve problems for your customers and benefits as these are what will make your company branding unique.

4. Brand messaging pyramid
Rather than focusing on the creative visuals like logos and brochures, focus more on the content that explains your brand. Brand messaging pyramids are tools that allow you to define your company profile, elevator pitch and taglines.

Brand messages reinforce your visuals and also ensure the right message remains consistent across your website, social media profiles, brochures and sales collateral.

5. Brand Storyboard
People more easily relate to real business examples.
Create a series or business use-cases or testimonials that showcase what you do and the value you have provided another business. Brand storyboard incorporates your voice, message, and personality within the content. Readers more easily relate to a story rather than a cold company description.

6. Digital Customer Experiences and Journeys
Today’s marketing isn’t just a Facebook advert or Google remarketing.
You need to understand when a customer first meets your brand, and then map the steps from this point, through the entire engagement journey (also known as a sales funnel).

As an example; if you post something on Facebook, and someone clicks it, then this is the first brand step. What would then be the following steps your customer would make? You need to define this and develop a marketing and sales funnel that supports this purchase process.

7. Integrate your brand into your business
Learn to live and breathe your brand.
Your Brand should be visible and prominent across any environment and with any customer interaction.
Ensure that your brand looks the same everywhere online or offline. Use your brand style guide to create consistency with visuals such as colour, fonts, and use of your logo.

8. Amplification and audience engagement
Develop quality content that prospects and customers will find valuable. Promote your business using content marketing and digital engagement campaigns.

9. Love your brand
Remain true to your business brand.
Your brand is your most valuable business asset. Correct marketing of your brand will become one of the most significant things that you can do for your business.

Brand development and marketing when done correctly can transform your business from a small player into a successful competitor. You’ll discover that your customers will develop a deeper level of trust for your brand, become more loyal, and be more likely to purchase more often.

10. Invest in advice from a Brand Agency
Content marketing is a skill.
Work with experienced brand marketing agencies to define your brand offer, and create brand stories which are strategic, creative, and connect with their audience to inspire purchase driven actions.

Turning Brand Value into $ Sales

For over 20+ years, rev™ Brand Marketing has been working with companies to re-define their brand offer, and create brand stories which are strategic, creative, and connect with their audience to inspire purchase driven actions.

We’ve created a FREE Brand Development & Marketing Guide which provides a step-by-step process to help you review, develop and optimise your business, product or personal brand.

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