Start-Up Business Accelerator Programs

Start-Up Business Acceleration Program

Our rev™ Branding Start-Up Acceleration Program provides start-up businesses with a business planning, support, and growth success framework.

Whenever you hear the word ‘start-up’ used in the business world, people immediately think of a bunch of twenty-something year so-called entrepreneurs getting together in someone’s garage or nearby café thrashing out new business ideas.

The second thing they think of is no funding, no customers, overly enthusiastic, and high-risk!

Here at rev™ Branding Start-Up, we see opportunity, passion, and creativity, BUT more importantly, we see the ideas that can disrupt the norm and potentially enrich people’s lives.

Start-ups literally live and die by their ability to acquire new customers.

This fact is important not only for their business model and revenue BUT also for attracting investor funding. The secret to getting this right is strategy and planning!

Many start-ups fail simply because they don’t recognise the importance of a product/market fit. Even with a perfect product, scaling for growth will always be a challenge.

Start-ups always face extreme levels of restraints for resources and finances. They also battle the numerous existing businesses, each trying to gain market share.

A well-designed, agile, and robust go-to-market strategy is essential to a start-up business’s success.

10 Tasks for Launching a Start-Up Business

1. Finalise your business name, registration, patents/licensing, domains
2. Get your business structure in order
3. Do your market research
4. Organise your funding options
5. Build a strategic business, sales and marketing plan
6. Get your legals sorted
7. Plan out your HR requirements
8. Sort out your infrastructure needs (office, phone, software, website, tools)
9. Get your ‘go-to-market’ marketing and sales plan in place
10. Finalise your launch date – bring it all to life!


No growth hack, brilliant marketing, or sales plan can save a bad business idea!


Start-Up Acceleration Program by rev™ Branding

rev™ Start-Up Acceleration Program is a structured go-to-market framework that we use to validate your business concept and create your sales & marketing strategy and tactical plan.

This program provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with the advice and support to create a clear understanding of what it is they are selling (the offer), who their target market is (the buyer), and their go-to-market model (the marketing & sales program) to grow their business and attract funding investment opportunities.

We combine our rev™ Coaching & Mentoring services into our program to ensure that subject matter experts support you for each step.

rev™ Start-Up Acceleration provides;
New Business Concept Validation and Review
Guidance on how to register your business name, domains and trademarks
Creation of company Brand Storyboard, Message and Positioning
Creation of your Company Profile and Sales (Elevator) Pitch
Brand Review Service (Logo, Social Media, Website, Channel Partners etc.)
Creation of Marketing Strategy and Tactical Plan
Creation of Marketing Infrastructure Plan (Website, eMail, Social Media)
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Development Plan
Creation of your Target Market Profile/Persona and Audience Segmentation
Creation of your Unique Selling Proposition and Value Positioning
Sales Offer Review Service (Product and/or Service offer)
Creation of your Go-to-Market Campaign Plan
Creation of your ongoing Sales Development and Lead Generation Plan
Event Marketing Recommendations
Lead Management & Nurturing Plan
Channel Development Recommendations
Affiliate Marketing and Sales Plan
Marketing Budget Recommendations
3-Months Business Mentoring and Tutoring.

rev™ Start-Up Business Accelerator Programs
At just $4,995 +gst, these are AMAZING value!

This program contains essential tools you’ll need to make your start-up business successful. The investment includes workshops, meetings, research, planning and supplied documentation.

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