Next Generation Digital Customer Experience

Next Generation Digital Customer Experiences (CX)

Building the Next Generation Digital Customer Experience (CX)

Business marketing has now become a whole lot more complicated. You can no longer just rely on a great logo, slick website, or cool videos being used in social media campaigns.

Regardless of your business size or industry, your online and physical customers have now merged. They can no longer be managed in separate silos for separate campaigns.

How your customers find, research, and ultimately purchase is changing at a rapid pace. It’s a known fact that your customer begins their journey on one device, and then finish on another!

If you don’t adapt to this digital revolution, which is constantly driven by your customers, you probably won’t survive!

Online or offline, the customer is now one!
Omnichannel commerce forces companies to adopt a ‘single view of the customer’ in order to provide a tailored and enriched experience. This ‘contextual shopper intelligence’ allows you to target customers with content specific to their needs.

Digital Customer Experience (CX)

Next-Generation Business Marketing!
EVERY lead, prospect, or customer WILL have some type of digital experience with your business brand.

This experience is typically initiated by;
• An email they receive
• Facebook post or digital marketing campaign
• Google search (SEO) or AdWords campaign.

These ‘demand generation’ campaigns are perfect!
BUT what happens when they hit your landing page?

Do they learn or register for something?
Download an item?
Make an enquiry?
Make a purchase?
or do they just leave….?

THIS is where your Digital Customer Experience & Journey becomes SO important!

Digital Customer Experience & Journey is a matrix of all the digital touchpoints used to guide the customer and personalise their shopping experience.

Digital Experience allows you to present relevant content and shopping choices ‘on-demand’ each driven by the customer’s online actions.

Here is where you start….

Understand your customer:

Before you spend another $ on marketing, re-visit your ‘current’ customer profile (persona) and make sure you understand them in granular detail.

In today’s contextually driven marketing world, you need to understand in detail what today’s customer want and the problems they need your help to resolve. You also should consider how customers source solutions, and what their purchase decision process is?

Invest time and money within some focused customer surveys which ask appropriate questions around your brand, message, offer / solution, service, support. etc.
This knowledge will drive your customer’s experience and journey.

Mapping your customer’s digital journey:

Your digital customer journey begins when your customer first sees your brand.

This journey may begin as a Google search to a website landing page, or from a digital marketing campaign.

The process never ends, but it will ultimately result in having loyal customers who will want to be receiving personalised content that is educational, engaging, and provides upsell opportunities.

Define your Customer Experience (CX):

Your digital customer experience is the matrix of the digital connections between your business and its customer.

This matrix is used to personalise the shopping experience, allowing you to present relevant content or shopping choices ‘on-demand’ each driven by the customer’s online activities.

The ultimate goal of digital customer experience is to guide the customer through research, education, and purchase steps, providing quality and enjoyable experiences.

Understand the ‘next-gen’ digital tools that are available:

You WILL need to invest in some technology!
But you don’t know what you need, right?

Don’t think that one product will answer all your needs (it won’t). Instead of trying to work this out yourself, work with digital transformation agencies like us who have experience across many products and software vendors.
Having a quality website and social media presence is obviously the first step.

Let us introduce you to our Certified Partners who provide emerging digital tools that will leverage your digital commerce ability:

Cloud-Based Content Management Services (CMS):
We work with CMS technology that now allows you to publish content any digital channel or device using simple API’s (Not writing code in websites). Provide personalised and contextually relevant data from one central hub to customers using any platform (Mobile Phone / Tablet / Smartwatch, Voice Assistant, ChatBots, Virtual Reality. Traditionally, this would have been done using numerous third-party applications and complex integration.

Website Experience and Personalisation:
Monitor live customers on your website in real-time! Automatically build profiles (personas) of your online customers based upon their actions. Continuously learn about each customer interaction, and then deliver optimised live engagements using contextually relevant content. Enrich every website visit using persona intelligence.

Social Monitoring and Listening:
Aggregate, review, and respond to any conversation happening on social media and digital publications which reference your company name, brand, product (even your competitor’s information). Identify the positive or negative comments and create escalation notifications that keep track and allow you to respond quickly and professionally.

Customer Persona Engagement:
Centralised view of all the conversations and interactions with customers as well as online audiences/followers. Track and analyse these conversations across a myriad of digital platforms including Digital Media, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email, Loyalty Programs, and eCommerce platforms. Use intelligent insights that allow marketing, customer service, or brand managers to easily track and engage customers to improve service, support and sales opportunities.

Relationship Marketing Hubs:
Gain actionable insights into your customers using the multitude of data elements stored across your business applications and databases. Create personalised engagement campaigns which use ‘AI technology’ to self-optimise and improve their performance. (Yes, they get smarter each time you run them). With just a few mouseclicks, you segment your customers into buying or interest trends for targeted campaigns. These hubs can also report campaign $ results in ‘real-time’ as people complete their transactions.

Need some help?

As more and more companies begin to explore hyper-targeted digital marketing journey, rev™ Branding is there to help them correctly plan and invest in personalised and contextual digital marketing and sales engagement programs.

rev™ is a digital brand transformation agency and support clients with Digital Customers Experience, Digital Channel Marketing, Omni-Channel Commerce, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Assisted Technology, and Workflow Management.

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