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Game-Changing eCommerce Campaign Improvement Tips

Drastically improve paid search marketing performance on Google, Cartology, and CitrusAd using our six ‘game-changing’ campaign improvement tips!

Paid search campaigns are a way to guarantee your product listings are visible and appear first in customer searches in online shops or eMarketplaces.

Ecommerce marketing tools such as Google Ads, Cartology, and CitrusAd allow brands to ‘pay to promote’ their product listings on eCommerce sites such as Google Search, Woolworths Shop, Coles Online, Endeavour Drinks, and independent grocery and pharmacy channels.

In highly competitive categories, paid search marketing can be expensive and often complex.

It’s common to find brands struggling to retain control of their campaign budgets and campaign sales results.

rev™ Branding’s eCommerce experts have listed their top 6 campaign improvement tips that should fast-track your campaign performance.

rev™ Branding’s Game-Changing Campaign Improvement Tips

Campaign Set-Up:

How you configure your campaigns (e.g. product sets) can provide you with far greater flexibility on how you control your marketing budget and avoid the common mistake of bidding against yourself! 

Correctly configuring your campaigns will help you to analyse their performance and understand what changes you need to make.

Separating your campaigns can also minimise the disruption caused by set-up validation errors which can, unfortunately deactivate campaigns.

Lastly, it’s crucial to consider any products that may be on special across each channel. You probably don’t want to discount your price AND pay a cost per click.

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Keywords and Targeting:

Targeting is critical to the success of your campaigns.

Having the right keywords will not only reflect on your budget, but it can also influence your performance AND overall strategy. Avoid having too many keywords that eat your budget.

Consider your investment in high-value keywords and how they will influence your search results and link back to campaign objectives. Choose the right keywords to help extend your ‘search reach,’ e.g. direct search, aisle & category, cross-category results. 

Product Listings:

The quality and completeness of your product listings will significantly affect your online sales conversion results. Spending time working on your online content quality and populating as much information as is available on each online platform can substantially influence new shoppers.

Having multiple images
Optimise your descriptions and text fields to better influence search results
Populating value add attributes e.g. nutritional information, health star ratings, made in country etc.

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Campaign Strategy & Objectives:

Before you spend a lot of time and money on paid search campaigns, it’s crucial that you get your campaign strategy and objectives in place first. Having these clearly defined and in place early will allow you to measure and benchmark your performance more efficiently.

Is your objective branding? Then your campaign strategy and budget are focused towards reach and message rather than clicks.

Is your objective sales? Then your campaign strategy and budget are focused on clicks and shopping cart efficiency.

Is your objective competitor blocking? Then your campaign strategy is focused on a bidding war, and sufficient budget flexibility needs to be adopted. 

Having the right eCommerce campaign strategy and objectives ensures you can more easily manage budgets, justify investments and provide your business executives with accurate performance analysis.


Budgets are the most controversial part of campaign management. But, before you can begin to analyse your monthly spending, you need to consider all the factors we just discussed (strategy, objectives, keyword targeting, and product listing quality.

Don’t be so focused on your Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Use your campaign objectives to drive your budget spend and performance first. Use your ROAS as a way of ‘optimising’ your campaigns.

Correctly configured campaigns will also provide greater flexibility on how the budget is spent (and measured). E.g. create separate campaigns for best sellers, niche products, catalogue specials, or even campaign testing. 

Daily spend, weekly spend, and per-click bids, all these options need to be managed carefully and strategically to gain you the best ROI. These options can also provide a safety mechanism to ensure your campaigns don’t go dark when your wallet runs empty.

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Campaign Management:

Campaigns need to be checked daily…. Yes, the most common mistake we see is brand marketers’ setting and forgetting’ their campaigns and only checking back on their performance at the end of the week.

Every single day your campaigns will change.

Bid values change, keywords change, and, more importantly, your competitor’s promotional activity will change (attempting to combat what you’ve been doing).

You must check campaigns daily, by retail banner, and often by geographical location (some states perform differently to others, and range may vary).

Best practice eCommerce campaign management can provide you with…

Campaign strategy and objectives
 Budget recommendations
 Campaign configuration
 Product listing enhancement
Daily campaign management
 Monthly reporting and analysis
 Banner advertising recommendations
 Be the conduit between you and Cartology & CitrusAd. 

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rev™ Branding created an eCommerce Marketing Strategy, and has been providing advisory services each month to support our Cartology and CitrusAd campaigns. Their experience in eCommerce marketing within the FMCG industry is very unique at this point in time and it has been invaluable. Tanya Watt – Hive & Wellness CMO


rev™ Outsourced eCommerce Campaign Management Service

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Need Help?

For more than 20 years, rev™ Branding has been working with 70 of the top 100 Global FMCG / CPG brands to radically change how they market and sell products and connect their brands with today’s digitally savvy consumers.

Our experienced eCommerce marketing team help clients to get the best results from their paid-search marketing using CitrusAd for Coles and IGA, and Cartology for Woolworths and Endeavour Drinks to drive reach, grow engagement, and generate online sales.

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