Optimising Promoted Product Campaigns for Woolworths Shop and Coles Online

Helping brand marketers use retailer ‘pay-to-promote’ tools to improve online shopping experiences for consumers resulting in stronger brand retention and higher eCommerce sales.

Australian food and beverage retailers such as ColesWoolworths, and Metcash dominate one of the fastest-growing segments in today’s online eCommerce market.

As today’s digital-savvy consumers purchase more and more products and services online, FMCG and CPG retailers invest heavily in their digital presence and online offer e.g. online stores, mobile apps, digital catalogues. (using Ocado and Cartology)

For brand manufacturers and suppliers to ‘keep up’ with their trading partners’ digital requirements AND to stay in front of their competitors, they need to radically change the way they market and sell their products.  

It’s CRUCIAL that companies diversify their channel marketing to place a greater emphasis on omnichannel and eCommerce.

Investing in eCommerce Marketing

Leading retailers like Woolworths, Coles, Myer, and JB HI-FI are augmenting their bricks and mortar retail stores with some of the latest digital capabilities to create a seamless omnichannel shopping experience for their shoppers.

With these systems in place, they need forward-thinking brand marketers and product managers to partner with them to create results-driven product campaigns utilising these new digital marketing tools.

Gone are the days where account managers rock-up to a buyer with the traditional category review presentation that includes a TV media plan and a Facebook campaign.

For businesses to be successful in today’s category and range review programs, suppliers need to have a total focus on providing a seamless multichannel brand experience for the consumer.  

Your Category Review and Product Launch presentation MUST incorporate a digital marketing support plan that bundles campaigns using the following digital services:

Pay-to-Promote campaigns within retailer online stores (Promoted Products)
Branded Shops (provided by Woolworths)
Digital catalogue campaigns e.g. shopper loyalty targeted email campaigns
Social Media Marketing e.g Retailer assisted targeted Facebook campaigns
Investing in online display banners with linked in-store media advertising
Sampling programs (provided by Woolworths)
Consumer brand experience campaigns using content hubs like Coles&Co.

If you DO NOT know how to access these digital tools from Woolworths or Coles or use them to improve the customer search visibility of your products to improve sales performance, you need to speak with us!

We can show you how to optimise your pay-to-promote eCommerce campaigns to provide a far greater return-on-advertising-spend (ROAS).

Optimising your eCommerce Digital Programs

rev™ Branding is a specialist brand agency that has helped some of the world’s leading brands to integrate digital technology with their marketing to drive offline AND online sales.

Over the last 20-years, we have worked with 70 of the top 100 Global FMCG / CPG brands to radically change how they market and sell products and connect their brands with today’s digitally savvy consumers.

Our specialist digital and eCommerce teams will work with you and your retail customers to create digital brand experiences and high-performance omnichannel marketing campaigns that allow you to open new markets and rapidly increase your sales opportunities.

We can show you how to get the most out of your promoted products campaign investment with Coles Online or Woolworths Shop to deliver a far greater return-on-advertising-spend.

We can help you with:

1. Product catalogue creation and synchronisation via the National Product Catalogue (NPC).
We’ll help you to aggregate all the supply chain, marketing, nutritional on-pack panel data and those digital assets to support online store mandates. Learn about our product catalogue services

2. Design an innovative digital marketing support plan to include within your retail category review and sales presentation.

3. Onboarding and campaign activation services. We act as the conduit between your business and retailers such as Woolworths, Coles, and Endeavour Drinks to access their range of digital solutions and configure your product listings and campaigns.

4. Promoted Products campaign support. We’ll show you how to use the Promoted Products (Pay-to-Promote) digital campaign dashboards to optimise your campaign ‘click to conversions’ to get the best return-on-advertising-spend (ROAS).

5. Outsourced Promoted Products campaign management. Struggling to find an internal resource with FMCG eCommerce, digital marketing and SEO skills? Let our experienced team take over the management of your pay-to-promote digital campaigns. Available as a 6-month or 12-month service option.

6 Creating unforgettable digital brand experiences that will engage shoppers, grow sales, increase brand loyalty and retention.

How to move forward?

Speak with Robert Durrant, our eCommerce and Digital Specialist. He helps companies to get the best results possible from their investment in digital marketing and eCommerce. Rob can also provide you with expert advice on how to improve Product Information Management (PIM).

Rob has been working in the food and beverage industry for more than 30+ years and can explain each of the steps you will need to complete to create a results-driven eCommerce digital sales program.

Contact Rob on +61 3 9863-7444 or robertd[email protected] 

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