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There has never been a more critical time for brand marketers to invest in product content and eCommerce strategy. Data quality, data agility, and content syndication make successful online brands!

Competition is intensifying from emerging categories, and private label growth, all compounded by the explosion in eCommerce growth driven by online stores and eMarketplaces.

The continued growth of omnichannel retailing forces brands to rethink how they deliver marketing and sales offers to the various consumer touchpoints. This change forces brands to embrace 360° value and personalised brand experiences through human-led, data-fuelled opportunities.

As a result, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing and sales processes have become increasingly complex and data intensive.

Legacy data warehouse systems and ERPs won’t scale to support the rapid changes in eCommerce marketing or the data format requirements across new digital sales channels.

Furthermore, brands need more internal data quality and governance mechanisms to confidently publish detailed, sensitive, and sometimes legal product information to third-party online stores and marketplaces.

76% of product information used in eCommerce stores was found to be incorrect or missing

rev™ Branding Data Quality and Syndication

rev™ Branding Data Quality and Syndication deliver data quality and governance services that help brands drive their eCommerce marketing and propel their digital sales channel strategy.

Our proven industry expertise in delivering Products Information Management (PIM) and Content Management (CM) projects combine best-in-class PIM, MDM, and CMS technology with our team of FMCG and CPG experts, ensuring our clients can market and sell products across ANY sales channel.

We have data services to help:

Data Management Strategy
Data Attribute Modelling
Data Migration
Data Architecture and Storage
Data Quality & Validation
Digital Commerce & Search Optimisation
Data Governance and Security
Processes and Workflows (e.g NPD)
Change Management
Outsourced Data Management
Documentation & Training.

We have a process to support:

1. Review, Identify, and Measure
2. Define, Plan, and Implement
3. Cleanse, Enrich, and Optimise
4. Control, Processes, and Monitoring
5. Support, Leverage, and Grow.

RIGHT NOW! is the time for brand marketers to invest in their product content and their eCommerce marketing strategy.

Brands with control over their data quality and governance and the data agility to syndicate their product data in many formats to support offline and online sales channels will dominate the future retail landscape.

Product Data & eCommerce Content Help!

If you’re struggling with the management of your product information and eCommerce content, book a call with us today and speak with our resident FMCG and CPG eCommerce marketing expert.

With more than 30+ years of experience, we’ve helped companies such as San Remo, Diageo, Bostik, Bickfords, Patties Foods, General Mills, Colgate, Getinge, Care Pharmaceuticals, and Kraft to improve aspects of their Product Information Management, Master Data Management, Content Management, and Workflow Approval Management & Governance.

Contact Rob on +61 3 9863-7444 or [email protected] 


Thinking about a PIM System?

Learn how rev™ Branding provides impartial advice and services to help you plan and implement a sustainable PIM, MDM, DAM and CMS project.  

Our team is GS1 and GDSN / NPC Standards Accredited, and we work with leading software vendors worldwide. We are perfectly positioned to help you validate PIM / CMS vendor solutions for your business needs.

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