Using Digital Experiences to create Business Opportunities!

Using Digital Experiences to create Business Opportunities!

Practical business examples using the Digital Customer Experience and Journey to expand your brand marketing to create more business opportunities and to develop sales.

Digital Revolution – Creating Business Opportunities!
You’ve asked how the Digital Customer Experience can be applied to your business?

We’ve provided some practical business examples to help you understand how digital transformation can benefit your business.

Digital Customer Journey and Digital Customer Experience is now paramount to ANY business in ANY industry. When you decide to begin your digital transformation is typically driven by your customer’s digital behaviour, or worse, your competitors.

Example 1. Booking a Movie.
Do you remember when they printed the movie times in the local paper, and you would book over the phone?

Example 2. Grocery Shopping.
Do you also remember waiting at a supermarket checkout and seeing the racks of magazines?

Even car dealerships now use Facetime to provide a walkthrough of my car engine and chassis in real-time during service! How does your company use digital to do something that makes customers remember?

Digital Revolution and the adoption of digital technologies by your customers will ultimately force your business and industry to move forward.

Choose to ignore the change, and you will simply be left behind (and forgotten about).

Digital Customer Experience – how does this apply to our business?

This is a great question and also an important one.
The main challenge we face with companies who are embarking on their digital transformation is the lack of understanding of how digital technologies are used in their business – and also why?

To help companies to understand how digital can be used in their business, we’ve provided a few digital revolution business examples as thought provokers.

Digital Customer Experience Business Examples

Customer Service and Support:
• Self-service web portals
• Webots can provide automated 24×7 FAQ help
• Integrate customers by creating an iOS or Android app
• Enhance support tools with video and screencasting
• Online self-managed training systems and the use of gamification
• Integrate conversions using social platforms like Facebook messenger.

Sales Growth:
• Social media and digital marketing
• Digital lead generation tools (downloadable e-Books and whitepapers)
• Content Marketing which boosts SEO
• Email engagement campaigns
• Webinars
• Live event broadcasts e.g Facebook Live
• Sales / Educational videos and content
• Use chatbots to automate lead qualification
• Create online ‘build your solution’ tools and allow customers to customise options
• Reporting and analytical tools to track and record customer journeys.

Marketing and Branding:
• Create quality and reusable digital content (video, e-books etc.)
• Build online focus groups and tribe communities (Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram)
• Create an iOS or Android apps to provide integrated customer experiences
• Think about the use of Voice Assistant tools to enhance your customer’s experience
• Artificial Technology (AI) & Augmented Reality (AR) tools to provide educational and interactive ways to explain your offer (3D Virtual Reality Simulation)
• Use digital marketing and social media marketing as a lead generation and education tool to drive new business
• Track and remarket to people visiting your website and social sites using pixels
• Use chatbots to provide real-time interaction with your website content and email marketing
• Create automated sales funnels, landing pages, and engagement tools on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn
• Create personalised content and experiences for customers based on their online actions
• Track the digital journey of your online customers from research to purchase.

Process Automation:
• Review the way you interact with your staff (Email, Text, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat)
• Implement automation and workflow tools to streamline systems and processes
• Implement software tools that can streamline and automate common operations, marketing, sales and reporting tasks (CRM, Business Intelligence, Workflow Management, File sharing)
• Capture company IP and knowledge within a digital knowledge system
• Use chatbots to automate meeting and travel bookings
• Create efficiencies in the business, e.g. Dropbox for digital file-sharing to cut printing costs, Video conferencing to reduce time and cost of travel.

Digital Transformation – Why start?

Digital Transformation is the process where business takes that leap of faith into the digital world.
This important digital decision usually because of the following;

1. Market pressure, driven by competitors or consumer behaviours
2. Improve productivity and efficiencies around common workplace tasks
3. Drive a more effective and measurable marketing and sales engagement
4. Because they want to be seen as an evangelist in their industry and lead the market with more engaging and interactive experiences.

How to start your Digital Transformation journey

Starting your Digital Transformation Project
Download our Digital Transformation Framework and Process Steps.

Understanding the Digital Customer Experience & Journey
Learn how Digital Customer Experiences are important to EVERY business.

Next-Generation Digital Customer Experiences (CX).
With the advancement in digital technology, learn the Next Generation of Digital Customer Experiences and tools now available to your business.

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