How to brand your Trade Services Business on ‘hire a trade’ tasking sites

Learn how to market your trade services business on trade services sites such as hipages, Oneflare, Airtasker, MyTradieFinder, Tradiesonline, and FindMyTradies.

Websites used to hire trade services (known as tasking sites) have become a popular way for tradies to get their phone ringing more, and to increase the number of job bookings.

It’s common to find almost EVERY trade services business in your area e.g. plumbers, roofers, chippies, fencers, builders, and sparkies etc having a paid business listing on these sites.

Why do Trade Services use Tasking Sites?

Tasking sites help people to find a local tradesman online
Consumers find tasking sites easier to get quotes from tradesmen
More simple way to hire local tradespeople
Creates an automated source of leads for tradies
Becomes a low-cost business marketing and sales tool.

Getting the most out of your Business Listing

More and more tasking sites are starting up every year.
Each site, promising to have the best online traffic which of course equates to your best ‘bang for your buck’. 

The challenge for all tradespeople is which site do you list your business on (Each costs money), and how do you stand out from the crowd on these sites?

Just because you have a profile on these tasking sites doesn’t always mean instant success?

It’s absolutely critical that you craft the right brand message and profile content so that you maximise your online visibility AND deliver an important message of trust, quality workmanship, and value for money.

How to market your business on trade services tasking sites

If you want to maximise the results from your business listing on trade services sites such as hipages, Oneflare, Airtasker, MyTradieFinder, Tradiesonline, and FindMyTradies etc, here are a few things that you need to consider FIRST!

Research the tasking site that suits your business

Most tradies can’t afford the cost or more importantly, the time to manage a business listing on EVERY trade service tasking site.  Do your research into the ones that might suit your type of business the best.

Think about the platform-tools and functionality e.g. mobile apps, booking functions, support tools, membership or following size, their marketing support, payment processing.

Plan out your brand message and profile content

Take your time to think about updating your company profile and brand positioning to ensure that your profile stands out from competitors on the site. Update your graphics and images, so they all look clean and fresh. Make sure that other platforms are using the same content e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Website etc.  

Utilise as many of the profile options as possible

Populate as many fields as you can with QUALITY information. Include your name, picture, location, and company profile details to explain who you are and what you do. Think about the various service categories you offer customers. As an example, if you are an electrician, you can list that you can do lighting, power points, security lighting, new installations, switchboards etc.

Test the online job booking system

Make sure you get one of your friends to test the system. From searching your profile through to booking a job. Check that you are receiving the right notifications and also the correct job details. 

Plan out your booking response process

There is no use receiving job quotes if you don’t respond to them promptly, or can’t complete the work.

It’s best to think about how the online booking flows to you, and what the steps are that you need to take to acknowledge and process the job. It’s critical that you respond within 5-mins and also manage customer expectations. The success of these sites relies on customer reviews. Some sites will even penalise you on response rates.  

Optimise the customer review section

The more positive reviews you have, the more work you’ll win!
It’s important that you not only complete jobs with high customer satisfaction, but you MUST also ask your customers to give you an online review.
We’ve helped businesses to ramp up their customer reviews on Google to boost their rating and grow their visibility.

Optimise your Google Business Profile

Don’t know what a Google business profile is?
Well, that’s your first mistake.
Many businesses are not aware of their FREE Google Business profile. If you want to boost your online search results, THIS IS the best way to do it. You know that anyone who needs a service just opens their phone and Googles! 

Learn how to optimise your Google Business profile brand visibility

Update your Social Media sites

People don’t realise how much Facebook contributes to Google searches.
You’ve just spent a heap of time updating your brand message and company profile for hipages and Oneflare, make sure you replicate the content across your social media pages such as Facebook.

Learn how to optimise your Facebook Business Profile

Optimise your Website

Don’t forget to update your website.
We would also recommend that you invest in some website marketing and organic SEO. Organic SEO is a one-time investment that optimises your pages and content for Google SEO, e.g. updated keywords and search phrases, optimise page and blog content.

Make an effort to post more blogs on your website and social pages. Content Marketing is a great way to build SEO, engage with customers, and build trust.

Learn about Website Marketing and Organically Driven SEO

Book a Business Profile Optimisation Service

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