Protecting your Business against Cybercrime

Learn the simple things you can do to help prevent cybercrime from occurring in your business.

As companies continue to subscribe to cloud software applications (SaaS), the frequency of cyber-attacks will increase.  

The Australian Cyber Security Centre recently reported that they receive cybercrime reports every 8 minutes!

Small Businesses have been upgrading their securing and improving their IT systems to defend their businesses and clients from internet attacks.

It’s a good idea to know how to recognise cybercrime as your best defence to protect yourself against computer hacking, ransomware, and, more importantly, data theft.

We’ve listed our best precautionary tasks, tips, and suggestions that can help to protect your business and provide you and your staff with ‘internet peace of mind’.

Improving your Cybersecurity Resilience

Conduct a security assessment
• Install / Update your Antivirus Software
• Install /Update Internet Firewalls
• Update your network security software e.g. Microsoft Applications
• Set-up automated network back-ups
• Configure and update staff members’ computer security software
Set-up Multi-factor Authentication (Google Authentication)
Update and secure passwords (do this right now)
Refrain from using public wi-fi networks
Educate your staff on Internet security and how to protect themselves online
Audit your 3rd party cloud storage services
Implement risk controls and disaster recovery processes
Invest in cybersecurity (don’t skimp on budgets)
Engage experts to provide you with a cybersecurity plan
• Check if you are covered by Cyber Insurance.

“Passwords are like underwear: Don’t let people see them, change them often and you shouldn’t share them with strangers!”

Chris Pirillo

Hackers are becoming more intelligent and more cunning every single day. They’ve changed their approach, increasingly targeting staff and exploiting human error.

Stay ahead of them!

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