Sports Club and Player Marketing

Sports Club Marketing

How to grow your sports club using an strategic digital marketing and communications.

Sports Clubs of all types are challenged to retain members, create a quality culture, and develop a sustainable revenue model.

With time and budgetary constraints a significant hurdle, you and your fellow club volunteers have got to be smart about how to attract and retain members (the only way for your club to survive – growth).

Social Media & Digital Marketing now provides sports clubs and associations a VERY powerful and low-cost way to engage with their players, supporters, and sponsors.

When implemented correctly, sports club marketing across digital platforms can be an effective mechanism to boost membership, fundraising, and sponsorship activities.

It helps you to achieve the following:
(1) Grow your ‘paid’ membership subscriptions
(2) Sell more merchandise
(3) Host ‘well-attended’ events
(4) Attract sponsors and investment opportunities.

For Brand Sponsors, when clubs have an active membership database on social media, it creates fast and easy access to players and supports in order to promote their products and services. Social Media provides a VERY powerful brand marketing opportunity that can scale easily and at a very low cost.

“Sports fans that see a brand message or endorsement on social media platforms are 78% more likely to hold a positive perception.”

For the last 5 years, our CEO Robert Durrant has been personally involved in helping sports clubs, players, fitness groups, and sports associations to improve the way they market and communicate with their membership database.

With MORE than 3.9 million people holding memberships at sports clubs just in Victoria! How do you ensure that your marketing and communication will support your existing members AND grow the club?

How do we help?

rev™ Branding provides a range of marketing, communication and advisory services specifically for sports clubs, sports associations and fitness groups. We develop high-performance brand marketing campaigns which are strategic, creative, and connect with your club’s audience to inspire actions.

Our team help you to implement systems and processes that streamline your club’s operations, making it more efficient and resilient. We work with your leadership group to create a positive and inclusive culture, the foundation that will ultimately drive your club forward and open opportunities for growth and funding.

Sports Club Marketing Kick-Start Program

Need a Marketing Jump-Start?
rev™ Branding has put together a fantastic sports marketing program that is packed FULL of value!

Get your sports club marketing off the ground QUICKLY with our $995 +gst kick-start promotion (save 50%).

Learn how to Create a Sports Club Culture

Quality culture will make or break sports clubs and associations!
It’s now a fundamental task for any sports club or association to ensure they have a ‘culture’ that is inclusive and supportive of all its members.

Download our FREE Sports Culture Guide and learn how to implement and maintain a quality sporting culture.

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Need some advice?

Speak to Robert Durrant about how we can provide an advisory service to your leadership team or an outsourced marketing and communications service. Contact Rob on +61 3 9429-2293 or [email protected] or learn more about our Sports Club Acceleration services.

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