How to Run a Successful Sports Club

Learn how to turn your sports club into a successful AND sustainable model that allows you to sell more memberships, sponsor packages, event tickets and merchandise items.

MORE than 70,000 sports clubs operate in Australia
13.2 million existing memberships
183,000 club volunteers
1 in 4 clubs will CLOSE due to COVID-19.

Where does your club sit?

To have a successful well-run sports club, it’s critical that you have a framework in place that gives you a robust organisational process, while still maintaining a focus on delivering value to club members.

Sports clubs that continue to grow, be successful, and contribute back to the community, will put people, processes and systems in place first!

Like many community sports clubs, the people playing on game-days are the same people who volunteer their time to the club committee.

With time and budgetary constraints always being a significant hurdle, it’s ultimately the volunteer committee members who are tasks with the responsibility to make tough operational decisions at the club AND do the hard work!

Factors that influence successful sports clubs

The ONLY way that your club will be successful now and into the future is to have these 4-key factors in place first.

1. Club vision and plan
2. Great leadership and culture
3. Systems that can streamline administration tasks
4. Processes that will continue to support club activities. 

Challenges of running a sports club

Like almost EVERY sports club, there are several common challenges they face.

Lack of funds
Completing tasks managed by volunteers
Managing the expectations of club members
Growing memberships
Running events.

Building your sports clubs with rev Branding

rev™ Branding provides a range of marketing, communication and advisory services specifically for sports clubs, sports associations and fitness groups. We develop high-performance brand marketing campaigns which are strategic, creative, and connect with your club’s audience to inspire actions.

Our team help you to implement systems and processes that streamline your club’s operations, making it more efficient and resilient. We work with your leadership group to create a positive and inclusive culture, the foundation that will ultimately drive your club forward and open opportunities for growth and funding.

Branding Services

  • Brand Strategy: We work with you to build a sustainability and growth plan
  • Brand Message and Identity: Helping you to establish your market position and strength to create a clear and focused brand identity that connects with your members and sponsors
  • Brand Marketing: Showing you how to amplify your club message to attract new members, sponsors, event patrons, and of course, sell merchandise.

Membership Services

  • Membership Packages and Offers: Leveraging your memberships with a range of offers, promotions and value-add services
  • Membership Marketing: Utilising email and social marketing to promote your club and sell memberships
  • Membership Engagement: Membership engagement programs that connect with club activities and offers with your members


  • Website Development: Building beautiful and engaging websites that allow your club to promote offers, market events, sell merchandise and memberships.
  • Website Marketing: Increasing your club websites visibility through marketing and SEO services 
  • eCommerce: Turning a static website into a revenue stream by creating an online store to sell products and sponsor advertising.

Marketing and Communications

Event & Fundraising

  • Events Planning: Helping you events manager to plan out and execute an events calendar
  • Event Marketing: Get more people to your events AND sell more sponsorships
  • Sponsorships and Funding: We work with you to develop a sustainable sponsorship and alternative fundraising program for your club.

“Sports fans that see a brand message or endorsement on social media platforms are 78% more likely to hold a positive perception.”

Not sure where to start?

It’s difficult to run a sports club or association with volunteers.
It can be almost impossible to find someone at the club who has the time AND skills.

rev™ Branding can help you to create a framework that allows current and future members of your sports club to continue to grow the club and maintain it’s legacy.

Let us get you started by doing the hard work!

We provide a Kick-Start Marketing Package for sports clubs that are floundering, BUT also recognise that they need to change by rebuilding their marketing and communications strategy & tactics.
This service has our marketing experts take over the technical and creative pieces by designing an effective and sustainable marketing engagement program that grows your…
• Memberships
• Merchandise Sales
• Alternative Revenue Streams
• Events
• Sponsorships.

Sports club mentoring and advisory!

Robert Durrant has been involved personally to help sports clubs and sports associations to improve the way they plan and run their club. Robert’s Sports Club Mentoring service provides a strategic and tactical sports marketing and development solution that transitions your club to a more efficient and sustainable operation.

Speak with Robert Durrant about how we can provide a mentoring role for your key personal OR an outsourced marketing and communications service.

Contact Rob on +61 3 9429-2293 or [email protected]
or learn more about how to Market your Sports Club or how to Get your Sports Club Back to Play post the Coronavirus.