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Renewable Energy Marketing

As the renewable energy sector becomes more complex and controversial, renewable energy solution providers must implement a marketing strategy that delivers robust and trustworthy messages about the value of alternative energy solutions.

Renewable energy accounted for 35.9% of Australia’s total electricity generation in 2022, up from 32.5% in 2021. Australia has more than doubled the amount of renewable energy since 2017, when renewable energy accounted for just 16.9 per cent of generation.

More Australians than ever before are embracing the benefits of renewable energy, battery storage and new energy technology to help them reduce their energy bills and emissions.

Whether you’re attempting to influence green energy policies, targeting grants and capital investment, or promoting new sustainable energy technologies to the public, as a renewable energy solution provider, your go-to-market plan must be correct!

“There’s a significant cause for optimism at a time when ageing fossil fuel-based generators are retiring,” Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Kane Thornton.

Marketing Renewables 

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow (and be more controversial), renewable energy providers need a well-constructed marketing and communications strategy to stand out from competitors, connect with customers, and deliver a message of trust and value.

Renewable or green energy marketing goes beyond the standard marketing mix, bringing another level of sophistication to how brands educate and engage with buyers.

Renewable energy providers must build brands that promote their specialised knowledge and industry accreditation to build trust, confidence and encourage long-term investment.

Changing the Perception of Renewables Energy

Successful renewable marketing must address the technology’s value proposition, its perception of unreliability, the complexity of purchasing and maintenance, and counteracting arguments about its long-term viability….

Addressing the misinformation about reliability and long-term sustainability.
• Building a credible value proposition for renewable energy.
• Promoting subject matter expertise through trustworthy brands.
• Providing education about sustainable energy options.
• Market engagement and adoption.

Renewables Energy Marketing Agency

rev™ Branding is a specialist digital brand agency with more than 20+ years of experience providing forward-thinking marketing, communication, and brand advisory services.

We help renewable energy solution providers develop high-performance channel marketing and communication campaigns that are strategic, creative and connect your brand with buyers.

You’ll find rev™ Branding to be hands-on marketing strategists who delve into data, analyse objectives, and reveal tactical channel marketing opportunities that drive sales and growth. Learn How >>>

rev™ Renewables Energy Go-to-Market Program

Our Renewable Energy Go-to-Market Program provides renewable energy brands with a results-driven channel marketing and communications plan to help them stand out from competitors, connect with buyers, and deliver a clear and focused message of trust & value.

1 >> Getting your Value Proposition Right

Consumers already understand the environmental benefits of solar and wind power, but those benefits have yet to be persuasive enough to broaden market adoption. Therefore, in addition to addressing these hurdles, we help renewable marketers to create a connection with their customers via a brand value proposition that delivers financial and value-adding environmental benefits.

2 >> Build your Branding

We must develop your brand identity, message, emotions, and of course, your sales offer. Strategic branding comes from knowing your industry sector, its customers, and any purchase barriers.

Great branding resonates with your audience; it builds trust, creates loyalty, and communicates the value you provide more easily.

Get your branding right, and it becomes the cornerstone to your entire marketing strategy and tactical plan.

3 >> Create your Marketing Strategy 

Our experienced team uses strategy, creativity, technology, and digital media to craft digital marketing strategies that change how brands connect with buyers.

Our marketing relies on strategic thinking, creative delivery, and innovative expertise. We take the time to understand your market, locate your target audience, and find the digital touchpoints to connect and drive scalable and sustainable brand growth.

4 >> Build your Online Presence – digital is vital!

rev™ Branding is an Australian-based full-service digital agency. 

Our experienced digital team works across the major digital platforms to create your digital branding that your customers will recognise instantly. Through creative social media and digital marketing programs that engage and inspire audiences, our website and Google search marketing teams ensure that your brand is more visible and appears more when buyers search for renewable energy solutions online.  

Let rev™ Branding take care of your Google Analytics, SEO & SEM, website, Meta and social brand presence. We’ll make a monumental impact to your bottom line by boosting online traffic and engagement.

5 >> Events and Trade Exhibitions

Events and exhibitions provide a great platform to place your company in front of thousands of genuine buyers who attend an event specifically to view, compare, and purchase products and services.  Unlike marketing on digital, exhibitions can provide meaningful interactions between buyers, industry peers and potential alliance partners.

Build brand awareness to genuine buyers.
Platform to launch new products & services.
Industry networking.
Potential partnership opportunities.

rev™ Branding helps companies to plan and execute their trade show, seminar, conference or product launch. Our experienced team will work with you to design an event to impress and engage your audience, achieve your sales goals, and boost brand recognition.

5 >> Channel Marketing

Channel marketing is where renewable energy solution providers see the most benefits!

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, our strategic business development team will show you how to zone in specific segments, allowing you to quickly dominate markets and become the ‘renewable solution of choice’.

Channel marketing is also a great way to partner with other companies in that same segment, allowing faster and more cost-effective audience engagement.

Let rev™ Branding will show you how you can quickly and easily build a recognisable brand and trustworthy renewable energy solution that targets a specific sector with laser-focused marketing.

“To reach the Federal Government’s renewable energy generation target of 82 per cent by 2030, the pace of deployment for new large-scale projects needs to at least double.” Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Kane Thornton.

Trusted Renewable Marketing – rev™ Branding

Our rev™ Branding team is passionate about renewable energy and has the marketing capabilities necessary to communicate positive environmental impacts aligned with tangible financial benefits. 

Whether you are targeting funding or promoting new sustainable energy technologies, rev™ Branding is a proven strategic partner for results-driven renewable energy marketing and communications.

Learn more about how we create GREAT Renewable Energy Brands!
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