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Download our free event planner and turn your next trade show or event into an engaging and interactive experience that exceeds your branding and business development goals!

We are entering a new age where trade show and in-person events are not as typical as they used to be…


Today’s digital marketing techniques allows brand marketers to engage prospects and buyers far more efficiently than a costly and time-consuming trade show or in-person event? 

Even more impressive is how digital can provide greater tracking, measurement and an overall ROI for events – removing typical event measures e.g. the glass bowl full of business cards…

However, what if you could combine both in-person events with digital engagement tools and gain the best of both worlds?

The best tip we can give companies exhibiting at trade shows is to STOP the free iPad competitions. These activities attract nothing but a bunch of contacts that have NO intention of buying from you. Spend the cost of the iPad on digital engagement!

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rev™ Branding has been helping companies improve their marketing and sales programs for more than 20+ years.

We’ve worked with exhibitors in Australia, New Zealand, and North America to improve their brand marketing and lead generation results at trade shows and events. 

Over the years, we’ve seen numerous companies waste bucket-loads of money on exhibition sponsorship packages or just show up to deliver the same ordinary and uninspiring event program they’ve been doing for years prior!

If this sounds familiar, you need to change NOW!

Event Planning Guide – Now Available

The team at rev™ Event Planning Guide designed to help you plan and deliver an exciting and engaging event that will deliver real and measurable sales results.

This event planning guide also introduces some digital marketing techniques that can optimise delegate engagement before, during and post-event.

Event Planning Guide Contents.

Design and Planning:
• Planning the event strategy
• Markeiting and Communications
• Building the sales message and offer/promotion
• Defining the target audience
• Building timeframes & Budgets
• Partnerships
• Resourcing.

Event Operations:
• Sponsorships opportunities
• Legal agreements
• Exhibition planning and designs
• Event campaigns (Pre, During, & Post)
• Sales Kits
• On-stand activities
• Giveaway Merchandise
• Resource training and preparation
• Displays, brochures, signage.

Marketing and Communications:
• Communications plans
• Advertising campaigns
• Partner marketing
• Event sponsorship opportunities
• Digital media and platforms
• Branding and advertising campaigns
• Public relations and media programs.

Post-Event Activities

• Lead qualification programs
• Sales engagement programs
• Lead nurturing programs
• Sales team qualification & engagement training
• Sales pipeline management
• Event review and summary

Event Planning Schedule

• Three months, Two months, Two weeks, Day prior, Expo day, Post event.

Download our Free Event Planning Guide

This 15-page comprehensive event planning document we believe will add some REAL value to how you plan and deliver events. Download the free guide today!

Event Planner and Event Marketer Guide by rev Branding

Need Some Event Planning Help?

rev™ Branding Event Strategy & Planning Service helps companies to plan and execute their trade show, seminar, conference or product launch. Our experienced team will work with you to design an event that will impress and engage your audience, achieve your sales goals, and meet your event budget allocation.

Please contact us at [email protected] or call +61 3 9863-7444.


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