Marketing Automation

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, online saturating marketing content from corporate giants to innovative startups make it a challenge for brands to stand out.


Marketing Automation (also known as Marketing Sales Funnels) are an essential part of fully integrated lead generation system used by businesses looking to grow.


Designed to streamline your marketing processes and integrate seamlessly with your CRM and internal sales process.  Marketing funnels become your secret weapon by automating lead generation and nurturing with precision, leading the prospect through a seamless path to purchase.


Marketing Automation doesnt just create efficiencies; it’s a strategic advantage in a landscape where time and trained resources can be difficult to maintain.


rev™ Branding’s 20+ years expertise in high-performance multichannel marketing and lead generation are experts in designing, building and maintaining marketing automation workflows that include paid advertising, website landing pages, email marketing, behavioral targeting, and CRM integration.


Services Include:

• Strategy & Tactics
• Marketing Workflow
• Marketing & Sales Funnels
• Digital Marketing Campaigns
• Website SEO
• Landing Pages
• CRM Integration
• eMail Marketing Workflow
• Lead Management & Qualification.


Learn how to streamline your marketing & sales programs with Marketing Automation.

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