eCommerce Channel Development

The rapid expansion into eCommerce has pushed digital channel strategies to the top of the agenda for Retailers, Brand Manufacturers and Product Suppliers.


From social media, eCommerce stores, to online eMarketplaces like eBay and Amazon – the range of online marketing channels grows every year.


To keep pace with competitors, remain a category leader, and meet consumer purchase trends, eCommerce digital channel development has become an essential part of any digital strategy.


The challenge is choosing the RIGHT eCommerce channel that aligns with your digital strategy, sales forecast, and business growth objectives.


This is where rev™ Branding helps.


We help FMCG and CPG companies to identify new growth and revenue opportunities using eCommerce digital sales channels.


Our expert team helps you to understand the characteristics and challenges of each eCommerce sales channel and develop use cases to highlight the business benefits and value.


Our 30+ years of industry experience working with 70 of the top 100 FMCG brands to help them market and sell products using both the ‘traditional in-store supply’ model and today’s digitally inspired omnichannel eCommerce program to ensure you scale strategically and profitable


Services Include:
 B2B Channel Planning, Strategy & Tactics
B2B & B2C Digital Strategies
Product Information Management (PIM) Services
Brand Engagement Experiences (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc)
eMarketplace Channel Development (eBay, Amazon, Kogan, Catch)
Consumer Engagement Portals (Coles&Co, Endeavour Marketplace, Woolworths Branded Shop)
Digital Brand Marketing (Social Media, Digital TV, YouTube, Podcasts etc)
eCommerce Programs (Coles Online, Shop Myer, Bunnings, Woolworths Shop)
eCommerce Enablement Services (NPC, GS1 SmartMedia, RangeMe, SKUvantage, Brandbank).


Learn how to build results-driven eCommerce Digital Sales Channels.


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