Digital Transformation

rev™ Branding Digital Transformation Services: helping companies to plan and invest in digital marketing technology and sales tools to improve the way their company does business and interact with their customers.


With the advent of digital technologies, the traditional ways that people communicate, collaborate, and do business have been turned on its head!


In some industry sectors like banking, travel, and entertainment, some companies have had to reinvent themselves JUST to remain competitive and continue to meet customer shopping expectations.


By 2022, Gartner predicts that 70% of all shopping transactions will be influenced by website or mobile device.


Reports also say that small to medium size companies are intimidated by the growing adoption of digital and feel like they don’t understand it and have been left behind?


How do you get people to understand digital, and what it will benefit their business?


Digital Transformation Services from rev™ Branding.
We help you to navigate the digital complexities surrounding social media & digital marketing, websites & eCommerce, omnichannel marketing, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, and voice activation.


Services Include:
Website Development & eCommerce Stores
AI and Augmented Reality
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Content Management Solutions (CMS)
Workflow Management
Website Marketing & SEO
• Omnichannel (eBay, Amazon, Catch etc)
UX and Mobile App Design.



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