LinkedIn Business Development Program

LinkedIn Business Development Program

Are you trying to generate sales using LinkedIn?
Do you struggle to find the ‘right’ contacts?
Are your connections requests and messages being ignored?

LinkedIn is the world’s LARGEST business-oriented networking platform with over 500-million subscribers. Like-minded business professionals use this system for business networking, to stay in touch with connections, as well as educate themselves on various business-related topics.

If you are NOT using LinkedIn for business development, then you really need to START!

Unfortunately, marketers have abused the sales opportunity of LinkedIn and have been pestering the business profiles with spammy sales messages and offers.

Today, reputable business people who use LinkedIn have become more protected of their profile information and are hesitant to accept a connection or message requests.

As a result, the LinkedIn platform has become more difficult to use and can be a challenge for authentic business people who are trying to use it for networking, lead generation, education, and showcasing product innovation & achievements.

It doesn’t help that people use LinkedIn that same way they would social platforms such as Facebook. The way you deal with people in a sales capacity is NOT the same as you would down at the footy grounds on the weekend. LinkedIn is NOT Facebook, and the way you connect or network is not the same.

To teach people how to use LinkedIn for networking, lead generation, and showcasing their product innovation & achievements, we created a self-run LinkedIn Business Development Program.

rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program

rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program has been constructed specifically to improve the ability for sales and account management teams to network on LinkedIn to drive sales leads and appointments.

This program can be purchased from our website and we supply you with the how-to documentation, task lists, checklists, and templates, in fact, EVERYTHING you need to start selling on LinkedIn with confidence (and your integrity)

Does this sound familiar to YOU?
“I spend hours every week on LinkedIn, searching for companies we can sell to. I find the right people, but when I approach them, messages either don’t get answered, or the conversation tends to just drop-off.”

We faced the same issues when we first started to sell on LinkedIn…

After 20 years using Linkedin, we decided to engage so-called LinkedIn training professionals, each trying to sell us their “secret formula to success”. Rather than continue to use their system which we found to be very ‘spammy and sleazy’, we took the bits that actually did work, and combined these with the system we created and used ourselves.

The result of this effort is a GREAT LinkedIn sales toolkit which encompasses a well-documented process, PLUS the supporting tools, templates, tricks and tips all bundled into the rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program.

HOW MUCH did you say? (Like a sleek TV infomercial)
LinkedIn Business Development Program is just $395 +gst [Buy Now]

“Our rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program is an essential product that should be included within EVERY sales toolkit. We offer this program as a self-run program OR delivered as part of a 4-module training service. I’m extremely proud of this product and thoroughly recommend it.

Robert Durrant CEO

What will this LinkedIn program do for me?

Our rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program will immediately change the way you use LinkedIn. The system will give you a structured process to follow, plus all the pre-designed templates that you can tweak to suit your own style.
This program will help you to…

• Create a strategic and tactical LinkedIn B2B sales program which can be tailored to your business sales process
• Have a more focused and targeted sales engagement plan for LinkedIn prospects
• Implement a relationship-focused sales process which builds trust and brand integrity
• Improve how you connect with people on LinkedIn and increase the number of acceptances
• Improve the quality of your LinkedIn messages and convert these into conversations
• Teach you how to use the features and functions on LinkedIn correctly
• Provide you with a range of LinkedIn sales tips and tricks.

rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program

OUR COMPLETE PROGRAM only costs $395 +gst (Normally $699)
(Once-off purchase price).

You will receive:
• Our 30-page .pdf guide showing you how to use LinkedIn the RIGHT way
• LinkedIn Connection Message Templates
• LinkedIn Engagement Message Templates
• LinkedIn Group Engagement Message Templates
• Project Planner and General Training/HR Administration tools and checklists.

Once you have adopted the LinkedIn Business Development Program principles, it should take you between 10-20 mins per day to perform your daily sales engagement tasks.

For more information about our rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program or our Selling on LinkedIn training service, please contact us on 03 9863-7444 or email [email protected]