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Successful Product Development and Launch Programs RELY on responsive market research and shopper insights to improve their visibility and certainty of success.

80% failure rate for product launches that are rushed to market and deemed “not ready”.

Sales Manager: “We are launching that new line next week”
Brand Manager: “But we haven’t created a plan yet?”
Sales Manager: “Just copy the one we used last year, its close enough”
Brand Manager: “Are you serious? 12-Months ago the market was completely different to now?” 
Sales Manager: “Same people shop in this category; I know they’ll love this new product”.

Result = EPIC FAIL…

Does this conversation frequently happen at your company?

Unfortunately, it happens too frequently within the grocery and liquor segment, and it ALWAYS results in wasted time, cost, and effort implementing category changes, planograms, marketing campaigns, in-store promotions, and new line deals. 

With thousands of new products launched each year, every one of these is vying for valuable shelf space and prominent online store positioning.

With speed-to-market, a key success indicator for EVERY brand manufacturer or supplier, shortcuts during the ‘new concept validation’ stage often occur and can be detrimental to the product’s launch effectiveness or long-term success.

47% of Innovation leaders say that new concept validation suffers when speed to market becomes a priority!

Successful Product Launches Rely on ‘Quality’ Market Research

Knowing what your customers think (and want) BEFORE you invest heavily in product development and launch campaigns will ultimately increase the chance of its success.

rev™ Branding, in collaboration with Focus Insights, leverage tailored market research and shopper insights to improve the visibility and certainty across new product development and brand launch marketing programs.

Using real-time market research allows you to:

Understand the competitive landscape and shopper purchase decisions
Visualise how the market is accepting your product
Have better clarity on your sales channels and target buyers
Create more targeted and focused brand marketing messages
Deliver effective brand engagement and sales campaigns.
Course correct based on customer-led insights before you invest heavily in capex and resources.

Market Research has Become VERY Cost-Effective

Traditionally, market research was not easily accessible to small and medium-sized brand manufacturers and suppliers. It was often too expensive, too broad, and it took months to execute and analyse consumer research campaigns.

By partnering with Focus Insights, rev™ Branding’s New Product Development and Brand Launch Services can now deliver in-depth consumer research analysis for our clients in days and at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies

Companies such as Lactalis, Sorbent, Marathon Foods and Mentholatum, have been able to more quickly adapt their marketing campaigns to match customer shopping and usage behaviours provided within the research supplied by Focus Insights.

40% greater year-one sales results for new products that begin with a strong performance

Optimise your Product Launch with rev™ Branding

rev™ Branding is a specialist FMCG brand agency that has helped some of the world’s leading brands radically change the way they connect their brands with today’s shoppers.

For more than 20-years, our industry-experienced team have been creating digital brand experiences and high-performance omnichannel marketing campaigns that allow you to open new markets and grow sales opportunities.

Our specialty services include:

New Product Development (NPD)
Category Development
Brand Launch Campaigns
eCommerce Marketing
Sales Training & Coaching.

If you struggle to get products to market on time, or you’re not satisfied with brand marketing results, then we can help.

Focus Insights Grocery Report 2021

Download your FREE copy of this report to understand the current behaviours of the Australian supermarket shopper and the impact these have on the pre-store and in-store dynamics over the past 6-months.

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