The Connected Shopper: The Seismic Shift in Retail Commerce

Adapting your digital programs to create a seamless and multi-connected digital shopping experience for your online customers.

If you’re under the assumption that today’s Digitally Connected Shopper is someone who uses your mobile app or shops on your website, then think again!

Connected Shoppers are a loyal customer franchise, where you have a centralised view of every integrated brand experience and digitally connected touchpoint of their shopper journey that forms their ‘path to purchase’.

You’ve achieved this by leveraging your digital and data capabilities to understand this customer’s shopping habits and behaviours intimately. 

Over time, you’ve adapted your business to provide a personalised and seamless shopping experience that links pre-purchase, shop, and post-purchase experiences – at the time, that it matters!

Simple right?

Seismic Shift in Retail Commerce

This seismic shift in retail commerce has seen online shoppers with greater access to technology and information than we’ve seen in the past.

Their shopping behaviours have changed; they are making more complex and detailed purchase decisions, and they have a far greater expectation for convenience, speed, and personalised brand experiences.

Marketers are leveraging their digital and data capabilities to create an integrated, personalised, and meaningful shopping experience.

Australia’s leading grocery retailer Woolworths recently hosted their digital showcase event, inviting their supplier community to become more involved and contribute to Woolworth’s ‘connected shopper’ eCommerce strategy.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and trying new things because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us in new directions.”

Walt Disney

Digitally Connected Shopper Journeys

Having a detailed understanding of your shopper’s ‘path to purchase’ and treating digital sales channels as touchpoints across this journey (pre-purchase / shop / post-purchase) allows brand marketers an opportunity to connect in a very meaningful and personal way.
RIGHT at the moment, that it matters!

Has your eCommerce program reached the ‘fork in the road’?

Brand Marketers DO have options?

1. Continue to invest in high-cost, broad-based digital marketing campaigns.

2. Invest in multi-connected shopper driven programs that deliver loyal, brand-driven purchases.

Today’s marketer must focus on growing customers and brand loyalty beyond just the purchase.

Brand Loyalty empowers you to move your marketing tactics from paid marketing campaigns to a ‘customer driven’ brand engagement model.

Developing a Multichannel Plan

None of this is simple, BUT it is essential!

The internet is already influencing many food and beverage shoppers, particularly at the pre-shop phase of their journey.

Shopper research is already highlighting their thirst for technology to help them save time and money, provide better meal ideas, and access the latest promotions more easily.

Multichannel retailing is now a key strategic component for most retailers and brands.  Using digital technologies to create and foster loyal shopper relationships through connected customer experiences is critical to their success.

More integrated brand experiences: content personalisation, customer loyalty programs, special interest destinations, educational programs, and community initiatives.

Offer greater convenience: shopping services & tools, delivery and pick-up options, auto-replenishment subscriptions, rapid shipping etc. 

Provide more connection choices: shopping instore, online, mobile apps, online marketplaces, and through to digital channel partnerships.

Invest in data drive insights: analyse data to better understand your shopper’s needs and behaviours to better target your marketing.

Mobile Enablement: boost your mobile using accelerated mobile pages, mobile apps and tailoring shopping drivers to mobile convenience.

Enrich Customer Experiences: expand your content to include more product information, recipes, how-to-do articles, education videos, newsletters. fact sheets and guides.

Don’t shy away from technology: continue to invest in digital systems that can vastly improve the way your business connects and engages with your online audiences e.g. email, social media, apps, websites.   

Work with experienced digital agencies: engage digital brand agencies who work with leading brands in the FMCG and CPG segment. Companies like rev™ Branding can show you how to use digital to create a personalised shopper journey and to link digital touchpoints to create ‘the connected shopper’.

eCommerce Marketing Tools

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